Wednesday, December 29, 2010

End of the Year Grade for the Student Body

I once had a professor at BC who hated plagiarism so much that she told us on the first day that if we were caught cheating in her class she would not fail us, she would give us a D- instead. Her thinking was that BC students could retake any classes they failed. A student retaking her class might conceivably get an A and the two grades would average to around a C, something she just couldn't live with. Inspired by her example...

Student Body
Overall Grade: D-


  1. Cult Fans: There are a handful of BC sports fans that can be found at every single sporting event, whether that be football or women's ice hockey. These students are BC sports junkies and their passion for BC sports in incredible, even if their grades suffer in the meantime. About three thousand more students like this and the athletic department would be in great shape.
  2. BC Band: The band is one of my favorite BC sports memories. Although I was never in it personally, I love the songs it plays and the passion that it brings each and every week. I wish that it had better half time shows (boogie woogie bugle boy? Really?) but overall the band gives a lot of heart and a hell of a lot of time and they just aren't appreciated enough. Without the band, the BC game-day experience would not be nearly as good as it is now.
  3. Growing Number of BC Traditions: It seems like each year the athletic department brings out a few new traditions and some of them stick and some of them don't. A lot of that has to do with the students. Fairly strong attendance at IceJam, an absolute passion for when the band plays "Shippin' up to Boston," and a loyalty to the Superfan t-shirts help make the BC sporting experience decidedly more unique and the students deserve a lot of credit for that.
Dislikes after the jump.

    1. Low Attendance: The picture above was taken exactly 24 seconds before kickoff of the BC-Clemson football game. Unacceptable. This football program will go as far as the students will take it. As much as 'Flip, Spaz, and the boosters try, this picture is what folks like Herbstreit mean when they describe the BC coaching job as undesirable. The lack of passion and the incredibly fickle student body is hurting BC football in the long run.
    2. Debauchery: Let me start by saying that I drank in college. You drank in college. Pre-gaming is perfectly acceptable in my mind, to a point. When fans drink so much that they have no idea what is going on around them and furthermore couldn't care less, it becomes a problem. I'm tired of seeing BC students stumble into the game 15 minutes into the game more concerned about what they just drank at the mods than the fact that Montel Harris just ran in a touchdown.
    3. Low Sports IQ: This, to me, is the most maddening part of a BC football game. How can you sit in the student section for four years, honestly caring about what is happening on the field, and still not be vaguely aware of how the game of football works. A low point for me came when I sat in front of the sports section of a major campus publication and listened as student sports writers screamed at Spaz for going for one after a touchdown when we were down exactly four points. Fail.


    1. well written and extremely spirited. you can tell that you are passionate about this. too bad everyone else isnt....your post A- (not gonna help the BC student sports fan grade of D- though)

    2. absolutely spot on. I really like this blog.

    3. I completely agree and I really do hope that BC continues to develop a better fan culture with its own history/traditions etc that dont involve cheering for every first down (thank God that is gone).

      However, lets be honest about the band. The halftime show has always been pretty awful. It's boring, the songs are uninteresting, and the choreography is forgettable. Baton girl was the only glimmer of interest that I've witnessed.

      This is not at all to say that the band doesn't work hard. I know they do. But, would it be possible to channel the energy they put into learning their routines into a show that actually excites the crowd, gets them to view halftime as more than a restroom break, and causes them to do more than sit around in disbelief at what they are watching?

    4. Very very true. I love BC. I love BC football, but the games are very underwhelming and you can't completely blame the team for that. I've seen worse teams with highly spirited student sections who devote their whole attention to the game. Those games are significantly more enjoyable to be at. The students should act as part of the football team. Their excitement for a game can go miles in improving our athletic program.


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