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BC Twitter Travels - Part 1 (Basketball)

One nice aspect of the "Twitter era" is that an average Joe like me can have access to the thoughts and opinions of potentially millions.  On the other hand, not all tweets are alike - some can be informational, some funny, and others (I'm looking at you Kanye) can be straight up bizarre - so for fun, I decided to check out a few former BC athletes' Twitter accounts and give a summary of the tone of each, followed by some frequent topics, an example tweet that basically sums up each person's tweeting style, and finally a BC-related tweet.  Since there are a lot of "tweeters" out there, I'm going to make this a series, with each post covering a different sport.  To start, I took a look at some former BC basketball players. The list starts after the jump:

Jared Dudley (@JaredDudley619)
- Tone: Conversational.  Dudley's tweets are the cream of the BC athlete alum crop.  Whether he's sharing photos of Channing Frye's most recent meal (two examples here and here), analyzing the NBA schedule, or cheering on fellow BC alums, you always get the sense that Dudley is a regular (and often very funny) guy you could have a conversation with.

- Frequent Topics: Analyzing recent games and tweeting videos and pictures of his teammates (which has earned him the nickname "JMZ.")  Oh, and food.  LOTS of food talk, whether praising his most recent restaurant trip or asking his followers for suggestions when on road trips.

- Example Tweet: "So I've never had coffee in my life right, and Channing stop by this coffee spot trying to put me on.. My brother would be proud lol"

- BC Tweet: "I wish I could watch the Ravens vs Steelers today.. I have Ravens by 7, and gotta go with my BC Alumni Matty ice and Falcons over the Pack" (For the record, he later noted he "should wish for a tie" once he remembered B.J. Raji was on the Packers.)

Craig Smith (@Csmeezy5)
- Tone: Brief but responsive.  Most of Smith's tweets that aren't direct answers to questions from his followers are either prompts for his followers to respond to, or short, declarative statements (usually about the weather). Needless to say, not the most exciting account to follow.  On the other hand, it appears he responds to literally every tweet he receives, so that should count for something.

- Frequent Topics: Besides the weather, Smith often asks trivia questions about movies and occasionally touches on the NFL.

- Example Tweet: "Mannnnn today is a nice day but what is there to do?"

- BC Tweet: "Yea eagles. We took them down. Everyone was against us yesterday" (referencing Maryland win)

 John Oates (@JOates32)
- Tone: Surprisingly well-informed, thought-provoking, and interesting.  We all remember Oates throwing up an ill-advised three or two during his time on the Heights, and to be honest I was little worried his Twitter feed would be a similar air ball.  So I was very pleasantly surprised to find that Oates' comments on a whole variety of issues were alternately interesting, timely, and downright philosophical.

- Frequent Topics: Recently, Oates' Twitter feed has been taken up (understandably) with in-game commentary of New York Jets games.  Besides that, it's hard to classify anything else he tweets about frequently; he has however made multiple tweets on college football, movies, and politics(!).

- Example Tweet: "Emelio Estevez's reaction to a joint in The Breakfast Club makes no sense. Unless he was smoking PCP in that room, it's a flaw in the story."

- BC Tweet: "Touchdown BC!!! Hell of a run. Let's get this bowl win." (Sorry, John.)

Tyrese Rice (@ReseRice4)
- Tone: Light-hearted but borderline unreadable.  You can tell Rice is really enjoying Twitter, as he has an insane amount of posts, most of which seem to be making fun of something or other.  The only problem is most of his tweets seem to be little more than continuations of previous conversations with his friends, which makes it difficult for a non-friend like me to figure out what he's talking about.

- Frequent Topics: Some of Rice's favorite discussion topics appear to be jokes about women and/or sexual positions, quotes from fairly obscure rappers, and the acronym "smh" (for those not in the know, that's "shaking my head").

- Example Tweet (one of the few I can actually post): "Oohhhhhhh she want me bruh bruh?"

- BC Tweet (this is as close as I could come...): "@SixFeetOfFun u wasnt even at BC when I was there.. and I got my degree ya diiiig"

Evan Ravenel (@erav30osu)
- Tone: Classic college student. This is kind of cheating, since Ravenel isn't officially an alumnus of BC (he transferred to Ohio State), but A) his feed is pretty fun; and B) there really weren't any more Twitter feeds of former BC basketball players I could find - except for Marquez Haynes, which was more or less a carbon copy of Rice's.

- Frequent Topics: Ravenel's feed is a look into the life of your average college student (albeit one on the #1 college basketball team in the nation), with frequent tweets on classes, video games, and sports.  

- Example Tweet: "now that we won the game time to get some homework done. sike im in college #xbox lol"

- BC Tweet: "miss hearing @AylaBrown singing the national anthem before the game lol"

For those wondering about who to follow, I'd say Dudley is a must, with Oates and Ravenel being solid options as well.  I'd skip Smith and Rice unless you want the complete set.  Stay tuned next week for the football edition!

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  1. haha awesome post..great analysis of each one.. I am going to have to follow oates now.

    Dudley is my personal favorite. If you have not checked out JMZ, you are missing out. Sometimes the audio is tough to hear, but otherwise they are great. (He posts these after wins, but not every time) Watch an example here .

    Also, a surprisingly good and BC related tweet from Rice was this:

    ""@michaeltorres03: @ReseRice4 Happy New Year. Was the UNC game at BC where u scored 46 the best gm of ur life?"-- of course not.. we lost
    Dec 31 2010, 19:59 UTC from Twitter for BlackBerry®

    Looking forward to next week's post!


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