Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Danny Ainge Scouting Reggie Jackson?

BC radio reported last night that Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge was on hand for the BC-NC State game. While Ainge may have been there to see NC State's C.J. Leslie, Jackson certainly put on a show with an efficient 29 point performance. Jackson hit 9 of 13 field goal attempts, went 3 for 6 from beyond the arch, and managed to shoot 8 of 9 from the line. In addition, Jackson also had 6 assists, 5 rebounds, 3 blocks, and a steal to cap off an amazing night, even by his standards. He did have three turnovers, something he has been struggling with a little this year, but overall this was a performance to remember for BC fans.

Expect speculation that Jackson will head for the draft at season's end to begin gaining momentum. He is clearly the most physically gifted athlete in the BC basketball program since the days of Sean Williams. Jackson recently make the 30 player watch list for the Wooden Award, something which may have interested NBA teams who had not yet had a chance to review his tape. With the possibility that BC will take a step backwards next year, Jackson may head for the draft a year early, hoping to leave with his stock at its highest point.

Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe was clearly right early on in the year when he said that Jackson would greatly benefit from Donahue's new offensive scheme. Sticking it out for another year might allow Jackson to further develop as a player, provided that BC can keep defenses honest by making teams pay for putting two men on Jackson. As of now, 15 of the 30 players on the Wooden watch list are seniors, so conceivably that competition might be removed for next year's draft. Jackson's draft status may also fluctuate as the year progresses, especially if BC makes the tournament and is able to win a game or two.

As far as the Celtics go, I don't know enough about their needs as a team to say whether or not Jackson would be a good fit. Does the fact that Rondo is still young have an effect on how interested Boston would be in Jackson? Right now, Jackson is considered by some to be the second best guard in the country, even though he is ranked 35th overall in points per game.

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  1. understanding this is pure speculation.. I would love seeing this kid in green. Both games I've been to this year Reggie is clearly the most talented kid on the floor. and as another guy in this forum says he's good for at least two WOW moments a game. Green 18


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