Friday, January 14, 2011

Draft Watch: Anthony Castonzo

With the football season over, it's time to start watching the draft status of some of our favorite BC players. Although more extended mock drafts are not yet available, I took an early sampling of first round mock drafts to see where left tackle Anthony Castonzo, a preseason first round pick, stood after the completion of an up and down senior campaign.

Draft Tek                              Pick 12                            Minnesota Vikings
Walter Football                     Not in first round              Pick 19                            New York Giants
New NFL Draft                       Pick 32                            Atlanta Falcons
Fox Sports                             Not in first 20                 Pick 9                              Dallas Cowboys
CBS Sports (Rang)                  Pick 21                            Kansas City Chiefs
CBS Sports (Reuter)               Pick 19                            New York Giants               Pick 29                            Chicago Bears                       Pick 19                            New York Giants

80% of the mock drafts sampled put Castonzo in the first round. Of those that put him in the first round, Castonzo generated a mean score of 20.

As you can see, these mock drafts are pretty much all over the map, but most would agree that Castonzo is now a mid to late first round selection. Three mock drafts have him going to the injury-riddled Giants, possibly because of Tom Coughlin's connection to BC. A possible reunion with Matt Ryan would have BC fans drooling, but I would have to think that if Atlanta wins the Super Bowl (as is suggested by the fact that they are picking 32nd in the New NFL Draft's mock draft), they will be pretty satisfied with their protection up front. As much as I (a lifelong Cowboys fan) would like to see it, I don't think that Dallas is a good fit for Castonzo right now because the front office is playing up rookie right tackle Sam Young (and Doug Free has exceeded all expectations at LT this year). The Bears and Vikings are interesting choices, in part because both teams have had games where it looked like their quarterbacks had to hike the ball and start running or be sacked.

Castonzo still has plenty of time to improve his status. Shortly before last year's draft several offensive tackles gained momentum on the mock draft boards. A solid combine workout and excellent interviews will likely increase Castonzo's stock leading up to draft day.


  1. Would love to see Castonzo in New York. Gmen baby!

  2. Castonzo will probably end up rising coming up to the draft. The '11 draft is incredibly weak at OT with really only Carimi and Solder as major OT prospects. Carimi is probably the safest choice to be a NFL tackle - theres almost no way that he wont be at least an average RT. Solder and Castonzo are considerably more athletic, and quite frankly both better bets at LT. Given that there are usually at least 4 tackles taken in the first round, my guess is all three of them probably are taken in the top 25. However, I would love Castonzo to fall to the pats at #32. :)


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