Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eagles Survive Wolfpack at Home, 75-66

The Eagles picked up a solid win at home tonight against NC State (playing in what appeared, judging by the amount of fans in attendance, to be the practice gym).  After building a lead as large as 11 in the middle of the first half thanks to a hot start by Reggie Jackson and a lackluster offensive effort by the Wolfpack, BC allowed NCSU right back in the game thanks to a matador-style interior defense and suddenly cold shooting on the offensive side.  Fortunately, the shooting got hot again in a major way with about 3 minutes left in the game, when back-to-back threes by Corey Raji and Biko Paris gave the Eagles a lead they would not relinquish.  The win kept BC undefeated in the ACC (3-0) going into a Saturday night game at Miami.  A few stray thoughts after the jump:

 - Reggie was...well, there's only so much you can say about him before you start repeating words like "leader," "electric," and "ACC Player of the Year candidate."  Or you can point to his stat line: 29 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 blocks(!).  Len Elmore, the color announcer for the game, often could only get out a "wow" or "look at that!" when #0 made one of his many dribble-drive dunks.  Then again, he also insisted on calling Corey Raji "C.J." for most of the game, so he might just be a bad announcer.

- BC's lack of interior D is going to be an issue all year.  It didn't cost BC the game this time, but for a while it seemed like NC State's impressive forward tandem of Tracy Smith and C.J. Leslie could score at will against Southern, Dunn, and/or Trapani.

- Speaking of Trapani, it's frustrating how he insists on taking three-point shots when he has open lanes to the basket, as he did multiple times tonight.  In general, Trapani had a terrible shooting night tonight.  Donahue needs to show Trapani how much more effective he can be posting up on smaller forwards or driving to the basket when he gets the ball at the three-point line.

- One area where Donahue deserves a lot of credit is the play of Josh Southern on the offensive end.  Under Al Skinner, when Southern got the ball in the post he would look confused and usually put up a terrible shot or turn the ball over.  Now, he'll look for a quick shot and pass back out to the three-point line if it isn't there.  Whether he simply finally realized his limitations as a player or Donahue had to point it out to him, he's become a much more fluid part of the offense.


  1. Can we put Raji in the starting lineup? He's playing 3rd best, IMO, behind Reggie and Biko... Always seems to come up with clutch shots/plays.

  2. Raji is definitely our most clutch player: whether it's a rebound, defensive stop or 3-pointer, he does always seem to deliver when needed. That said, I actually like the decision to have him come off the bench. Having him start on the bench allows Rubin to start (with the potential for a few threes to put BC out to a lead) and also ensures Raji a) is fresh for more of the game and b) can take advantage of mismatches when he is paired with a bench player from the other team.

  3. yeah Raji was still second on the team in minutes vs NC State so having him come off the bench does not seem to be an issue


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