Friday, January 28, 2011

ESPN Not Doing Its Homework?

It seems like ESPN loves every New England team except BC. Heather Dinich recently posted her list of best ACC game-day experiences. While I'm pretty sure that BC shouldn't make that list, it is telling that Dinich hasn't even seen BC play in person this year. This makes me wonder if she's ever actually made it up to Chestnut Hill. I know she wasn't in attendance last year when College GameDay paid us a visit and she definitely wasn't there for the Thursday night game in 2006 because she wasn't even blogging then. She may have been to the Florida State-BC game in 2007 as a member of ESPN, but because she wasn't officially covering the ACC at that time, I'm pretty sure she never made the trip. Anyway, I sent her an inquiry through her mailbag so maybe she'll solve this on Friday...

I'm not really expecting everyone to fall in love with BC, but I just wish members of the media gave the school a chance before classifying us in one category or another. I'm not saying that BC stacks up favorably in terms of game-day experiences to many of the schools south of the Mason-Dixon Line. I'm just saying that the basis of any good reporting or journalism to to try to find out as much as possible about who or what you're reporting on.


  1. I'm not sure we want anyone visiting until Donahue builds some momentum and students start going to the games again.

    If HD visits BC in the near future it will only serve to cement her preconceived negative notions about BC's fanbase.

  2. I apologize for not being more clear in my post. HD does the ACC football blog. While BC does struggle in the attendance department against some smaller ACC schools, I think that the BC-ND football game should have been given the chance to compete for her list (or at least the BC-VaTech game). We might have gotten on and we might not have, but we should have been given the opportunity to compete.

    HD typically shows up to big match ups, and BC usually doesn't struggle for attendance when the stakes are high.


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