Sunday, January 2, 2011

Morning Coffee with Codi Boek

Morning Coffee is going to be a twice monthly feature at Around the Res where we interview BC athletes about academics, athletics, and the BC experience. The goal is to allow our readers to see a side of BC athletes that there were previously unaware of, and to help them appreciate the complexity, richness, and honor of the ACC student-athlete experience. We hope you enjoy these interviews as much as we do and use them as an opportunity to learn a little something about BC sports and the men and women who make them what they are today.With that in mind, please meet our first guest, BC senior fullback Codi Boek! In addition to being a very good player and an excellent BC guy who really cares about the school, Codi is also one of the nicest people you are ever going to meet. He represents everything that our football program stands for, both on and off the field, and will be sorely missed next season.

Q. Hey Codi! Thanks for sitting down with us today and for being our first guest. So let’s start with some basic information. What is your current course of study at BC and what do you hope to accomplish with it after graduation?
A. I was a Marketing major in the School of Management at BC I graduated last May, and am now working towards my Masters of Science in Administrative Studies. A BC degree means a lot and really has limitless potential in the future, it has helped me land a job following this school year as I have already accepted a job in sales starting this summer following the completion of my Masters degree.

Q. Why did you end up choosing to transfer to BC? What was the biggest draw for you off the football field? What part of BC has surprised you the most?
A. I knew that I wanted to go somewhere that had the complete package; a football program that competed at the highest level, and a top academic institution. If you think about it that way there are only a few schools in the nation that rank up that way year in and year out on both levels and BC is one of them. When I decided to leave Idaho State to be with my father who was suffering from cancer at the time, he had asked me if everything worked out where would I want to be playing football at the following season, and I said Boston College. I had never been to Boston, and had not even yet been contacted by the coaches; it is just a place that I have always admired.

Q. Now onto football. You guys are on to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in January. What’s it going to be like playing your last game in front of your hometown San Fran friends and family?
A. Yes it is defiantly nice for me to be playing my last game in a BC uniform and ultimately my last competitive football game of my life in front of my family and friends. Last year we had a real big turnout to the game as my dad had purchased something like 200 tickets and I was able to get close to another 100 from guys on the team. I am sure that there will be just as many Codi supporters there this year, I am really looking forward to seeing everybody, and finishing my career with a win.
Also I heard that the tailgate that my father put together last year was epic and he is thinking of ways to top last year’s performance, so I am sure he would love for any Eagles fans to stop by this year as well.

Q. The Eagles are going to have one of the longest layoffs in college football going into the bowl game. How key is that extra practice time going to be for an offense which is built around true freshmen?
A. Any team that makes it to a bowl game has that extra advantage of bowl practices in developing their younger players. I would say at this point those freshman that have made a contribution on the field this year are no longer rookies, they have a complete season under their belt and need to step up and take on a new role of a veteran now. Bowl practices offer the other freshman an opportunity to practice with their positions, step away from their scout team roles and give them a little head start to learning their positions better for spring ball.

Q. How far has Chase Rettig come this year and how key is it that his 6 is protected by one of the best left tackles in college football?
A. There was never a doubt in anyone’s mind on our team that Chase was a good quarterback from the time that he stepped on campus last January and enrolled as a should be Sr. in high school. He has progressed well and we trust Chase; he did have some bumps in the road to get to this point but that is what anyone would expect in a 19 year old that takes on the toughest position of a team.
I think that it does definitely help in his development that he has the guys up front blocking for him. QB is a hectic position as it is with reading defenses and having to know everybody’s assignments; it helps to eliminate the fear of getting your head taken off after you get into a drop. I think that the O-Line as a whole has done a great job this year.

Q. How good can this team be when the freshmen become upper classmen in two years? What do you think a realistic ceiling might be?
A. It is really scary to think about how good this team could be in a couple of years. There are guys on the team that even I forget are underclassmen. There are young guys that have been key players on this team and have already taken on leadership roles. Every year our team goals are to get back to the ACC championship game and move on to a BCS bowl, unfortunately we came up short from our goal this year, but there is definite potential to get there in the near future.

Q. This season has certainly been a mixed one for you guys. A strange five game losing streak followed by an elating five game win streak. Give me a sense of what the feeling in the locker room is now as opposed to what it was towards the latter part of the losing streak.
A. A win always feels better than a loss. We knew we were capable of winning games, it just wasn’t happening for a while there. And yes when the losses start piling on like that it does make every one sting a little bit more. But I don’t think that we lost any focus worrying about it, after every game we have a Sunday practice where we watch the film and correct the mistakes that were made the previous day. We always end practice with a breakdown where Spaz will tell us whether we won or lost that whatever happened Saturday is over and now we are turning our focus to the next game.

Q. What has this five game win streak done for the coaching staff’s confidence? They looked pretty whipped after the Florida State game but a few wins later and they seem to have their bounce back.
A. As a player you don’t see any change in coaches emotions, they just work to get a game plan together for the following week. They have the same mind set as us after a loss, get the mistakes fixed and get back to work to play better against the next opponent.

Q. Give me one relatively unknown player who you think might be poised for a breakout season next year.
A. On the offensive line Harris Williams is going to be a very good football player here. He works very hard and is a very talented Offensive Lineman. Also, Tahj Kimble is a very talented player, extremely athletic and quick. Dominic Appiah is going to be a good D lineman he is a big kid with long arms and bats a lot of balls down at the line of scrimmage. I know you said one, but those are 3 true freshmen that I am excited to watch the next 4 years.

Q. Last question! Give us one nerdy fact about yourself that not many people know about.
A. I listen to audiobooks more than I listen to music on my ipod.
Thanks for stopping by Codi! We hope to see you around this blog again!


  1. great interview, really love this blog!

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  4. defiantly a good read

  5. Codi Boek came to BC as a qb from a junior college. He was highly regarded and then was "jacked" around. He was moved to fullback and played on special teams. He is another of these "buried" seniors who should have played. Spaz did not like him and he was lucky that he was not one of the "drowned puppies" like Flutie and McMichael.


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