Friday, January 28, 2011

Roundtable: End of Year Football Awards

As our basketball and hockey teams prepare for some postseason tourney action (hopefully), we are going to take this time to fit in a football post. It's a little overdue but let's discuss some posteason awards for the Eagles. Today's Roundtable is a simple one - Give me your MVP, OPOY, DPOY and Coach of the Year. Let us know your choices in the comments! Let's go.

MVP - Mark Herzlich. Hear me out on this one before you swear never to read us again. I know he isn't the same  player and he doesn't have any flashy stats. But to come back from a rare cancer and play (still rather well at times) is truly amazing. His heart and determination was an inspiration to the whole team. His story gave BC some very positive media coverage in an otherwise forgettable season for the Eagles.

OPOY - Nate Freese. Yes I know he is technically a special teamer but I'd argue he was our most consistent offensive player this season. Our QB was shaky at best and even Montel had a few games where he was held in check; in addition to missing the last two games. When is the last time BC had a truly reliable kicker with range?  We actually look to kick FGs now when we stall at the 25 to 30 yard line. Freese went 22/25 on FGs and as Mike pointed out, he should have a great chance to be our all time points scoring leader.

DPOY - Luke Kuchley. BC's first consensus All-American since Mike Cloud in 1998, Luke Kuechly destroyed the record for tackles even though he was moved to a new position this season. His instincts are unparalleled as he is always around the ball, sheds blocks easily and doesn't overrun too many plays. As the unquestioned leader on our D, this was the easiest choice here.

Coach of the Year - Bill McGovern. This pick certainly wasn't going to anyone on the offensive end so I'll choose Bill McGovern to accept it on behalf of the whole defense. With such poor ineptitude from BC's offense, McGovern's D constantly gave them a chance to win. I admit I'm not the biggest fan of the "bend but don't break" defense but it works for BC. And as LB coach, I give him a lot of credit for the development of our outstanding LBs. Maybe Linebacker U is on the way?

MVP- Anthony Castonzo. Pure and simple. He is the best player on this football team and without a future NFL player protecting our freshman quarterback's blindside, things would have been a lot worse. I hate how no one ever gives the guys on the line enough credit because they don't put up pretty stats or make the plays that really "wow" you. This year I'm giving a guy on the line the top honor, and he deserves it.

OPOY- Montel Harris. If Harris was on an SEC team, he would be in the early talks for next year's Heisman. It really hurts his case that he's at BC and that the Eagles probably won't be competing for a national championship next year. The fact that Matt Ryan didn't even make the final four shows you how high the bar is for a BC player looking to get into Heisman consideration.

DPOY- Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke (if you need his last name you shouldn't be reading this blog). He is the best defensive player in the ACC. I'm sick and tired of hearing about Bowers when our boy Luke is threatening the single season NCAA tackle record. I love his game, I love his passion, and I love his dedication to BC. He's a winner and a great example for the younger guys on our team. Graham Stewart could learn a lot from him if he doesn't bolt for the Sunshine State.

Coach of the Year - No one. No one deserves this award and no amount of pressure can make me give it out. Who deserves it? Special teams were atrocious. Atrocious! The offense was pathetic at best and pitiful at worst. How can I give it to an offensive coach in good conscious? The defense? With the amount of talent on that defense there was no excuse not to be dominant. Mike Siravo is worthy of this award if he figures out how to get Graham Stewart to sign on the dotted line. Otherwise, I say we leave the award vacant or give it to Jerry York.

MVP - Mark Herzlich.  Before you go crazy on me, hear me out: was Herzy the best player on our team this year? No way. But was he the most important? I'd say certainly - not only is he the clear leader on defense (even if Kuechly has passed him in terms of talent), he's also been an inspiration to the other players on the team, as well as others at BC, in the ACC, and fans of college football in general.  The team, the school, and the NCAA wouldn't be the same without Herzy, and in my mind that more than qualifies him for MVP this year.

OPOY - Kind of has to be Harris, doesn't it? I shudder to think what the offense would have been like without him (although Andre Williams showed something towards the end of the season).  I'd also like to give a shout-out to Nate Freese, who, while technically a special teamer, was another bright spot and saved a lot of terrible drives with his range.

DPOY - Kuechly.  This one isn't exactly close, either.

Coach of the Year - I'll give this one to Ben Sirmans, the running backs coach.  It's one thing to have Montel do well, but the emergence of Andre Williams as a viable second option was a pleasant surprise, and at least some of that credit has to go to Sirmans - especially at a school where RB had been a weak point for years.

MVP – Luke Kuechly.  I wanna go with Herzy. I really do.  From what I can tell, he’s a “BC guy” through and through.  He gave BC some great publicity and he reminds college sports fans that some schools value five star people first and five star athletes second.  That said, we’re talking about a football team, not an admissions brochure.  Herzy has served the Boston College community as well as anyone in recent memory, but he wasn’t the most valuable player of this football team.

OPOY – Montel Harris.  On a team void of anything resembling offensive performance, I have to look to the work horse.  Montel didn’t have the 2,000 yard rushing season Anthony Castonzo was hoping for, but he did go for 1,243 without any semblance of a passing game opening things up for him.  On a side note, I’m getting real excited to watch this kid next year.

DPOY – Luke Kuechly.  Speaking of guys I’m psyched out of my mind to watch next year…

Coach of the Year – Bill McGovern.  The D wasn’t as dominating as it should have been and had some real head scratchers (ND, NC State), but the development of this linebacking corp is worthy of this award itself.


  1. How did none of you select Montel as MVP??? Are you kidding me?? We flat out would not have had an offense if it weren't for that kid. We wouldn't have had one!! If he wasn't running one in for a TD, he was the one behind the drive leading up to the TD. Props to you, Montel. You top the list in my books this year.

  2. I'm sticking with Costanzo. Montel was valuable, but when he went down Williams picked up the pace just fine, meaning he probably wasn't "most valuable." If Costanzo went down, our line would have likely been in big trouble. Herzlich was a feel-good story but its hard to make the case he was even the most "valuable player" on the defense.

  3. Sports Illustrated is effecting me too much...Now I'm spelling it "Costanzo."

  4. I don't know enough to be able to say that Castonzo was the reason for the success of BC's running game. Maybe he was, maybe it was other linemen, but maybe it was just skill at the RB position. To me, offensive player of the year has to go to Montel. He was very effective even when other teams were expecting the run, which was very often due to QB problems. Oftentimes, holes and blocking did not seem great, but he was able to make something out of nothing, squirming and grinding his way forward.

    In terms of MVP, I would have to side with Alex and go with Luke Kuechly. Best defensive player in ACC and one of the best in college football. It's hard to imagine our team winning 7 games without him. He was the key to our defense and even contributed on special teams coverage. His numbers don't lie and his incredibly consistent play was unmatched by anyone, including Castonzo.

    Coach of Year? I like Nick's choice of RB coach Ben Sirmans. However, maybe you could throw Herzy in here? As mentioned above, Herzy was an inspiration to all and brought many intangibles to the team. His on-field play just wasn't good enough to warrant MVP.

  5. How only one person picks Kuechly as MVP? I second Dan, one of the best players in the country is not BC's MVP??? Save me the Disney movie crap w/ Herzlich. Maybe it's some BC inferiority complex with ND, they have Rudy we have Herzy.

    The guy is the best story in college football that should make everyone proud and that's enough.

  6. As much as the Herzlich MVP choice makes sense (doesn't he transcend these awards/rankings?), I gotta go with Superman (looks like Clark Kent - right down to the glasses - off the field, plays like Superman when he puts on his uniform). He was the difference in a few of our wins (all close games), especially the Virginia that put us in a bowl game, when he had a beautiful 4th down tackle and INT at the end of the game. Just a beast.

    I like Mike's pick of Castonzo for OPY. I shudder to think of our offense without him. However, Montel has the be the OPY. He did so much with so little. There are very few, if any, backs in the FBS who had to fight as hard for yards as Montel did. And he was the only option at r-back for almost the whole season (until Williams came on the scene), meaning he took every attempt in Tranq's "run up the middle" offense when other teams loaded the box...and he still produced! He took a dead offense on his shoulders and made it, in the words of Miracle Max, "only mostly dead, which means slightly alive". He was the workhorse of the team. Nate Freese also makes sense as OPY, though. He was the lone bright spot of the ND game when he nailed a 49 yd field goal. I never thought I would see the day of 40+ yd field goals at BC...

  7. Plenty of discussion about MVP. I'm still sticking with Castonzo though. Any thoughts on Coach of the Year?

  8. props to Nick on picking sirmans. Top 2 recruiter on the staff (along with Brock) and a great position coach. Probably the most valuable coach.


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