Sunday, January 9, 2011

Second Quarter Analysis

Half-time Eagles fans!

  • Nice three and out by the BC D to start the quarter, only for the offense to turn in a painful possession. Would have been a late hit had that helmet-to-helmet not extended things. Rettig hasn't shown much improvement yet. We need him to do more than not turn it over.
  • That Scafe late hit capped off a maddening play for BC. Penalties are killing us here early and we better clean it up quick or we have no shot at winning this game.
  • Kuechly is starting to rack up the tackles. I don't think he's on pace to break the record yet, but he will hit double digits this game if he hasn't already. Still nothing in regards to tackles from ESPN or Yahoo.
  • The Nevada field goal was one of the ugliest I've seen since Aponavicius donned a BC uniform. 
  • Amidon - getting in on the drop action. Someone PLEASE get that sticky tack on the gloves. Where are the equipment managers when you need them?
  • We need a score here quick to get us back into the game....Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd a fumble (sigh). Nick: "So far our receivers have dropped two and fumbled one. Out of a total of what? five passes?" Replay bails us out for once!!!
  • I haven't heard much out of Albright tonight. I've heard whispers of him thinking about a future in the pros. He needs to prove it tonight if he's going to get a shot. At this point I'm not even sure if he dressed for the game. I did see him run out of the tunnel with a uniform on so I'm guessing he's in the rotation. 
  • At 1:36 are we even going to try running an offense? Special teams take a turn for the worse, again, with a terrible decision to fair catch the ball on the five yard line. This is unacceptable. We deserve better than this from our special teams.
  • Apparently our two-minute offense consists of handing the ball to Williams. The time outs roll over right? Right??? Three time outs and nothing to show for that drive. Terrible. That isn't Tranq's fault. That's Spaz's fault. He needs to command the game and chart an overall strategy for his coordinators to follow.
  • Overall I couldn't be more disappoint thus far. Earn your contract Spaz. Earn it.


  1. I've actually been pretty impressed by Rettig so far. He seems to be making good, tight passes. Problem is, they've been dropped...including two that would have been 1st downs (I think). I'd love to see some play action.

  2. The guys on the sideline said it best - Nevada is just super fast. Our receivers can't catch up with them. Rettig is limited in that regard. As for Spaz... give him some time. Anyone who calls their own offense "anemic" means business. Relying on Keuchly for more interceptions in the meantime...


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