Thursday, January 13, 2011

Travel Woes

I came across this little gem while reading ESPN's Andrea Adelson's "Best, worst of non-AQ bowls."

Best atmosphere: The Rose Bowl is always great by default, so I am going with the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl between Nevada and Boston College. Some 30,000 Nevada fans packed the home of the San Francisco Giants to root on the Wolf Pack, who closed the best season in school history with a 20-13 win over Boston College. 'I would say this is probably the best atmosphere we've been in,' Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick told the Reno Gazette-Journal. 'The stadium holds 42,000 and it seems like all 42,000 were for Nevada.'
There's not too much to say here.  I would normally feel the urge to go into a tirade about the lack of support, but we have a whole off-season for that.  And frankly, I can hardly find it in me to blame the "Eagle faithful" for not flying 2696 miles from the Bean to San Francisco.  Not this year. Not with the way this team underperformed. Still, it kind of hurts to hear the opposing team's quarterback say a neutral site game felt like there were ZERO BC fans there. ZERO! Thanks to all the fans who made the trek.  Hopefully a good time was had by all.


  1. Devil's Advocate: I believe the in-game comments gave the official numbers at 42,000 total in attendance, 13,000 from Boston College. Not bad, considering:
    1)Reno is a 3 and 1/2 or 4 hour drive from San Fran - not a bad day trip at all if you're a football fan AND your team is #15 in the nation
    2)and (here's the kicker) the game would have let out in time for you to make it back to Nevada by the midnight hour west coast time.
    When you consider that, Nevada may as well have had a home field game. 30,000 will drown out 13,000 any day. Definitely not the situation I'd like our Eagles to play in, and something DOES need to be said for fan support. Nevertheless, the location didn't help things.

  2. The "away" bowl game is actually a theme for BC bowl games for the better part of the past decade. Here's the opponent and location of BC's bowl games since 2004:
    2004: vs UNC in Charlotte, North Carolina
    2005: vs Boise St. AT Boise St (on their blue turf)
    2006: vs Navy in Charlotte, NC
    2007: vs Michigan St in Orlando
    2008: vs Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN
    2009: USC in San Francisco, CA
    2010: vs Nevada in San Fran, CA

    Two of those games were in the opposing teams hometowns (Boise St and Vanderbilt) and an additional two in the opposing teams home states (UNC and USC). As Max pointed out, the drive for this year's bowl game was an easy day trip for Nevada fans. I just found it interesting that BC has arguably played in five away games for our bowl games. Maybe this is because the bowl committees know that BC fans won't travel well, and so try to get other teams as close as possible to their campuses in order to fill the stadium?


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