Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekly Stock Report

A special football edition of this week's stock report brought to you by your friends at Around the Res. Let's get started!

Stock Up

  1. Ryan Day: According to sources, Ryan Day will be replacing Gary Tranquill as the offensive coordinator. Fans may be wondering why the wide receivers coach is being given a promotion after last night's performance. While many people in the coaching community have a high opinion of Day, his resume certainly leaves a lot of question marks (although his connection to Chip Kelly is intriguing). We knew going in that we would not realistically be able to hire an established offensive coordinator if we moved on from Tranquill, and therefore I applaud this move. Hiring Day promotes from within, places an increased emphasis on "BC guys," minimizes the impact of the move on recruiting, and furthermore elevates the man with the biggest sideline presence out of anyone on the current coaching staff. We will have a more detailed article about Day either tonight or tomorrow but for now let's thank Gary Tranquill for two years of service to the BC community. 
  2. Kevin Pierre-Louis: The true freshman was second on the team with seven tackles last night. He is not getting the credit he deserves at BC yet, and quite honestly, he may never be fully appreciated because of who he lines up next to. Playing in Kuechly's shadow is going to be very difficult for KPL, but he is slowly developing his own style. I really look for him to be one of the most improved BC defenders over the off-season as he learns more about the defense and how to prepare each day. I don't really think he'll ever be as good as Kuechly or Herzlich but he'll come close and be an excellent player here for the next three years.
  3. BC Defense: Holding the high-powered Nevada offense to just over 300 yards was a really impressive feat; one which will never be fully appreciated because of BC's anemic offensive performance. I see this group playing just as well, if not better, next year because both Wonderboy and KPL return. We lose five starters, which seems pretty light considering how dominate the D was at times this year. On the offensive side of the ball, we lose just three starters.
Stock Down
  1. Chase Rettig: Rettig had over one month to prepare for last night's performance and absolutely laid an egg. He looked confused at times and played like he was trying to not get intercepted, especially after his first pick. That is not something winning quarterbacks do, and he needs to have more confidence in his arm and deep ball because both are good, if not excellent. Chase will rebound next year. I highly doubt that there will be any competition in summer camp and having more experienced receivers as well as a healthy Harris/Williams duo will take a lot of the pressure off his shoulders. A coaching change might also do him some good.
  2. BC Quarterback Coaching: Last night Rettig was 14 for 34 with 2 interceptions for a grand total of 121 yards. For comparison, Shinskie last year against USC was 14 for 33 with one interception and one touchdown pass for a grand total of 218 yards. I'm NOT saying that Shinskie is better. I am saying that BC quarterbacks have a tendency to under-develop as they gain experience. Once is a coincidence. Twice is a coaching issue. Now that Tranquill is gone I wonder who will replace him as the quarterback's coach. That is going to be a critical hire for Spaz/Day.
  3. Special Teams: There was no excuse last night for how poorly the special teams played with the exception of Nick Freese (honestly that kid has ice water in his veins). It looked like no one had told Swigert when to call for a fair catch, and he hauled in several balls which were headed for the end zone. Punt coverage was blown for a touchdown. The only good thing was that we finally averaged north of 20 yards per kickoff return. I'm not really sure what the answer is here, but I'm not buying any of this stock until I see something change.


  1. I'm not really sure what to think of Day, hes clearly Gene's man - which is at least somewhat concerning. However, he has some intriguing connections and is at least somewhat well thought of. I would have preferred that they look outside the current coaching tree, and quite frankly dont have the same pessimism that they wouldn't have been able to find anyone. For one Brock is on the staff and came in to be a TE coach, after significant OC experience. Granted he'll very likely leave now that Day has the OC job for the foreseeable future but the fact that he came to work for Spaz would suggest that others with notable backgrounds would come for a considerably higher profile job.

    As for special teams, part of it seems to be coaching, at least on returns as guys are consistently not getting their blocks. For the coverage teams, this is where BC's lack of depth at CB/S/ATH really shows the most and Spaz's concerning trend of losing ATH off the team has hurt considerably (Haden, Phifer, Okpara, and Johnson all in the past 18 months or so). Albright should not be the first man down the field consistently but the problem is he probably is one of the fastest guys on the coverage team as is.

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  3. Brock leaving would certainly be a concern because it may effect whether or not we can sign Miller and Suntrup. You definitely bring up some good points though...

  4. I wouldnt worry that much about Miller, hes a MA guy that committed early and pretty much couldnt play his senior year - he wont leave. Id have to guess that Suntrup wont leave either but thats not based on anything really. My worry would more be towards the future as Brock has been a key recruiter especially at the QB position.

  5. maybe Brock becomes qb coach and sticks around? i'm sure he'd like to be an oc somewhere but certainly if he's the one bringing in the quarterbacks it wouldn't be a bad idea to have him coach them too. he worked with josh freeman at k state so certainly he can mold a qb into a successful starter

  6. That might depend on whether or not he takes it as a slight to work for someone as inexperienced as Day. You bring up an excellent point though. If Brock really believes that Rettig can be that type of QB, he might try to stick around and make it happen. Turning out two pro QBs at two different schools should assure him an OC post somewhere.

    That being said, there has still been no official word on Day from BC so we're all in wait-and-see mode here.


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