Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weekly Stock Report

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Stock Up

  1.  B.J. Raji: Is there anything better than when a nose tackle drops back into coverage, gets an interception, brings it back to the house, and then breaks out a dance we all know he's been practicing for years? Is getting into a snowball fight with pitching great Randy Johnson a good idea? I would like to know why Green Bay dropped him into coverage to begin with because, to be perfectly honest, Raji doesn't look like he can cover my grandma, but I really can't argue with the results. It clearly fooled Chicago and resulted in BC being mentioned three times on national TV. 
  2. John Cahill: I was pretty upset with Donahue when he decided to go with Cahill down the stretch in the BC-Virginia game, but he proved me wrong. Cahill came up with two big plays on defense late in the game, and, if Rubin and Moton aren't going to contribute on the offensive end then we might as well go with the best defender. I worry about this turning into a Steve Aponavicius situation, but for now lets celebrate the fact that a Superfan is living the dream and bringing a sense of excitement to the basketball program. It should be noted that Cahill is usually the first guy off the bench to congratulate his teammates and seems to be enjoying every minute of his time on the team. 
  3. Reggie's Veggies: Who says that BC fans can't be creative? They've been doing it for a while now, but I applaud the two undergrads with the creativity and guts to show up in vegetable costumes (a carrot and a pea pod) for the men's basketball home games. I don't like it; I love it. It's the most creative thing I've seen from the student fan base in five years and I hope other fans try to start thinking of creative game-day costumes (who says that Halloween comes once a year?). Between these guys and the creepy yellow guy (with the excellent dance moves), we've got at least a few Superfans true to the name. 

    Stock Down

    1. BC Athletics Website: The night of the Florida State basketball game, the BC athletic website proudly proclaimed that the men's basketball team was ranked number 25 in the nation. Hey, I don't think that BC gets enough credit in the rankings either but where, pray tell, did this top 25 ranking come from? A poll of Super Fans? Reggie's Veggies? I checked ESPN just to be safe and can't find BC even among those receiving votes. Does anyone know where this ranking came from?
    2. BC Linebacker Recruits: "Put that coffee down!" Coffee, as the BC coaching staff is about to find out, is for closers. As much as I have hyped this year's recruiting class, BC is about to take a big hit if Florida is able to snag our top linebacker. Florida may be a nice and shinny football school, but BC isn't exactly SUNY Oswego. BC has a proven defensive track record, a growing tradition of training excellent linebacking corps, and academic excellence. You might not think that academics play a factor in big-time recruiting, but consider that for every Graham Stewart that makes it big in the NFL, there are ten recruits just like him who don't. Sell him on academics, sell him on the Jesuit tradition, sell him on football; just sell him on something and get him in a BC uniform. I don't expect to see BC win this battle but I still want to see Coach Spaz put up a hell of a fight and try his best to win this recruit.
    3. Danny Rubin: What started off as a promising season has now stalled completely as Rubin turned in another zero point effort against Florida State. This really isn't a knock on Rubin. His early success created some unfair expectations which are now being dashed. I hope he isn't frustrated with his decreased playing time, but quite frankly, he doesn't deserve to see increased time until he starts finding ways to score. He's too good of a shooter to stay cold forever, and I hope that he keeps his confidence up and bounces back quickly. We just can't afford for him to be turning in zero points when he plays 12 minutes (same thing goes for Southern, 23 minutes 4 points, Dunn, 16 minutes 1 point, Elmore, 22 minutes 3 points, and Moton, 15 minutes 3 points).

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    1. I really have no problem with either Elmore or Dunn not really scoring. Dunn has no offensive game is better off just trying to set picks at the top of key instead of actually trying to score. Luckily hes at least decent defensively, and right now thats good enough for the backup C on the team. Elmore is really the perfect seventh man as is - great wing defender who wont totally screw up the offense.


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