Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What's Good? Cammy-Brian-Joe

We at AroundtheRes have yet to post on the hockey team. I want to start by saying that I believe this years' rendition of Eagles on Ice has the potential to be one of the best BC teams ever. I more certain that this team has the potential to be the most entertaining BC hockey team ever. I hope to draw this out over a series of posts on the icemen throughout the season. Let’s begin with a look at the heart of this year's incredibly talented and enjoyable team—the first line: Cammy Atkinson, Brian "Gib us a goal" Gibbons,* and Joe Whitney.

First up, the gold standard. The nation’s 2009-2010 leading goal scorer, the pride of Connecticut, Cammy Atkinson. Who better to anchor an effort at a national championship repeat than a goal scoring machine with incredible quickness who always seems to be in the right place at the right time? For being such a prolific goal scorer, Cammy does not overpower opposing netminders with the nation's (or even the team's) best shot. Our golden boy relies on off-the-charts hockey IQ, incredible instincts and an ability to finish that should keep even the best goalies up at night. So far Cam has notched 26 points a game (15-11). That’s good for a spectacular 1.44 ppg. This coming during a robust first-half in which nearly half of all teams BC played are currently ranked in the top 20, and almost every third team is now ranked in the top 10.

What I love about watching Cam is not that he's the best goal scorer in the country (you can argue that in the comments). Rather, I love that he's the best goal scorer for this team and this line. Similar to Gerbe in 2008, Cam uses his quickness and craftiness to create his own looks, and (as is a staple of any great York team) our golden boy's excellent familiarity with his line mates and deadly ability from close range makes him a scoring threat at almost any point in the game.

Next up is arguably an even more entertaining player in Brian Gibbons. Gibby is such a great piece of this team. His skills are unquestioned. He is second on the team and one point behind cam with 10 goals and 15 assists. Beyond his great production, are the intangibles. There may be no other player on this team that provides a spark the way Brian does. The guy is absolutely fearless. He skates like a madman. Watching the games, one cannot overstate the number of times the Eagles are behind in a game and Gibbons is just charging; riling up his teammates. Show me a man who plays with more heart than Brian Gibbons and I will show you a cardiologist.

This having been stated, Gibby is not without his downside. The drawback is obvious—penalty minutes. Gibbons is leading a team that gets a lot of foolish penalties with 41 minutes in the box. If he continues to play with such a hot head he may want to think about installing custom seats in sin bins across Hockey East.

The last part of the tri-fecta is my favorite part, Joe Whitney. Ah, where to begin? In my mind, Joe Whitney represents Boston College hockey to a T. He’s a local guy from Reading. (If you have yet to hear his killer accent click the link). He is undersized and not particularly physically gifted but he’s another player that just oozes heart and intensity. The media guide has him at 5’6” 172lb which makes him shorter and lighter than Cam (and that’s saying something). In fact, 5’6” makes him the shortest guy on the team. Despite his Gerbe-esque size Whitney backs down from no one, going after guys like he’s Nick Petrecki. And in true Eagle fashion he got his younger brother to come play for the Eagles. Perhaps the most telling thing about Joe Whitney and his captainship of this team is his season stat line. Joe has 16 points coming off 2 goals and 14 assists. Let me say that again. Joe Whitney is fourth on the team at 16 points with 89% of them coming from dishing it to the other men on his line. And that, BC hockey fans, is your captain.

*I take no credit for coining any of the nick-names used on AroundtheRes.


  1. Hey man good blog, enjoying reading it. Especially nice to get some hockey coverage. Don't get me wrong, I love our other sports, but am a huge hockey fan and am sometimes sad our best program is somewhat taken for granted. Keep up the great work!

  2. One thing that's great about hockey is the old school first names. Cam, Brian, and Joe sounds like it could be the names of three offensive linemen on the 1930 Frankford Yellowjackets (yes, that used to be a real NFL team).

  3. Thank you Alex, I enjoyed reading this. And although I am not an avid follower of the BC hockey team, you have made me want to become one!


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