Monday, February 14, 2011

BC Football 2011 Schedule Quick Thoughts

You've probably heard by now that the ACC has released BC's football schedule for next year. (Here's a PDF of the ACC schedules, and here's BC Interruption's more manageable schedule of just BC.) We already knew the teams that would be involved, but make the jump to find a few thoughts about the order of the games and how that might affect the Eagles this coming season:

- Most seasons, BC has a nice, easy first couple games before the real tests begin. Not so this year, where the Eagles play Northwestern at home and then Central Florida on the road. Northwestern has steadily improved in the Big Ten the past few years and ended up with a winning record last year and a berth in the TicketCity Bowl. UCF almost ran the table in C-USA play and actually beat Georgia in the Liberty Bowl. Neither of these teams are powerhouses, obviously, but they are a step up or two from BC's usual early season fare of MAC teams like Central Michigan and Kent State.

- October will be the make-or-break month for the Eagles. With road games at Virginia Tech, Clemson, and Maryland, we'll know by the end of that month whether the Eagles are another average 7-5 team in the making or will actually challenge for the Atlantic Division crown (or, for that matter, whether they're just plain terrible, which is always a possibility).

- It's nice that BC gets to play a Thursday night game at home after three years with all Saturday games. The Thursday night games against Virginia Tech my freshman year (a 22-3 stomping) and sophomore year (Matt Ryan's amazing comeback) are probably my two favorite football memories from BC (besides the annoying group of girls that kept taking our seats at that first Virginia Tech game. If you girls are reading this, I'm still pissed.) Depending on how October plays out, this year's Thursday night game against Florida State could be absolutely crucial - either to determining whether we will be bowl-eligible or to taking pole position in the Atlantic division.

- Whatever happens, hopefully our fate will be mostly determined by our last game in Miami. BC has a history of playing poorly in Miami dating back to the Big East days, and Miami is much improved from the laughingstock they were in the middle of last decade.


  1. I dont see them even getting to 7 wins against that schedule - Ive know the opponents for a while and figured that 7 was the ceiling. However that october and november is absolutely brutal. Theres a legitimate possibility they could start 5-0 and end up 5-7. Spaz probably doesnt last until 2012.

  2. I agree. I haven't had a chance to look too closely yet but I see something similar. I am thinking that we probably start 4-1 and then pick up two more wins (Maryland and NC State?) to finish at a disappointing 6-6.


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