Tuesday, February 15, 2011

BC on ESPN's Bubble

Nothing really new here but we finally have some hard analysis from ESPN in regards to what BC needs to do to get an 11 or 12 seed in the March tournament.

In sum, ESPN says that our lousy 1-5 record against the RPI top 50 is really going to hurt our chances but a road win in one of our final two road games OR a sweep of our last three home games should put us over the top. On the road, I don't see us beating North Carolina but a win against Virginia Tech is entirely feasible. As for the three game home stretch of Miami, Virginia, and Wake, I would say that Wake and Virginia should be gimmies (unless one of those teams gets up and decides to join the Ivy League) and Miami looks to be a close, but probable, win (Update: One of our helpful commenters pointed out our remaining game against UVA is on the road. The point still stands, however, since UVA, even at home, shouldn't be too tough a challenge.)

If ESPN's analysis is correct, then this team is actually sitting fairly pretty right now all things considered. This is a lot better than what I thought our tournament chances would be so I'm happy that we seem to have an inside track to a spot in the tournament.

I've said it about 100 times by now but I still really don't see this team making the tournament because I firmly believe that we are going to find a way to mess this up. Hey, who am I to disagree with ESPN though?


  1. BC has already played UVa at home; our next game vs them is in Charlottesville....we only have 2 home games remaining with Miami and Wake Forest

  2. 101 times - you just said it across the table from me.

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  4. Thanks for the correction...this is what commenters are for (i.e. doing the editing we should be doing). I put an update in the body of the post itself as well.

  5. Mike: You are correct. My mistake on that one. The ESPN article says that we need to win one of the road NC/Va. Tech games or all three easier games on the schedule (Miami, Wake, and UVA). Somehow I misread "home games" into that. My apologies for the sloppiness.


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