Saturday, February 19, 2011

BC Ties Northeastern 7-7

I'm giving Alex a break from the hockey recaps today because he's been hustling from game to game and will be in attendance once again on the road tonight against Northeastern. Not bad for a guy who is also working in the real world 40 plus hours a week.

I'm no hockey guru but I know a bad call or a good goal when I see one so make the jump for some thoughts about last night's game.

  • Biggest story of the night was probably the multiple breakdowns on the BC defense . At least two of Northeastern's goals were handed to them on silver platters by mishandled BC passes or deflections within three feet of the goal. There's not much a goalie can do when his defenders are turning it over right in front of him.
  • We were out-skated multiple times last night going from end to end. BC is the fastest team in hockey and there's no excuse for not hustling on every play, especially considering the fact that a number one seed in the tournament was on the line. 
  • Refereeing last night was atrocious. I thought there were multiple bogus penalties late in the game on BC, and Northeastern certainly got away with a few cheap shots. Additionally, there was one killer offsides call that appeared to be questionable at best. The puck crossed the line within two feet of the ref so he got a great look but to me (and to most of the crowd) it looked like the puck crossed the blue line first. 
  • Gotta love the BC special teams last night, collecting five goals, three on the power plays and two shorthanded. Nice job.
  • Milner seemed really flustered last night. It just looked like he got into some quicksand and the harder he tried, the more goals went in. I really felt bad for him and thought it was a great move by York to put Muse in after about 28 minutes. 
  • Welcome to BC Bill Arnold! What a way for a freshman to contribute, with a goal with 38.5 seconds left in regulation to save the tie. With the empty net, BC had two extra skaters. I didn't really think we did a good job of posting up in from of the net with our two biggest skaters but I can't argue with the results. Repeat after me: In York we trust. 
  • I know I've said this before but I can't for the life of my understand why Conte is so hot at the beginning of every game before cooling down right around the half way mark. Is someone not turning the AC on in enough time? I'm not sure what the deal is but someone needs to look into it. 
  • Can we please stop playing the clips from Miracle on Ice? I love the movie the same as any other red blooded American but I can't help but thinking that WE are the Soviets. It's really hard to claim underdog status when you're ranked number one in the country. 
  • ATTENTION BC ATHLETICS: I brought seven of my law school buddies (none of them with any prior connection to BC sports other than going to law school...some of them don't even like sports) to the game last night. They all loved it and wanted to hit someone when it was over (even the girls). All of them said they wanted to see more hockey games next year, and maybe even check out a basketball game this year. Proof that if you can get non-BC people to watch our athletics just once, they might keep coming back. Boston is not a lost cause, we just need to properly exploit the market. 
Make sure to watch the BC-UNC game today and then check back here for a recap either sometime tonight or early tomorrow.


  1. The past two games against NE have just been sloppy. It's really the only word for how the games have played out. We've looked bad. They've looked bad. Our goalies have looked bad. So have theirs. The refs have been awful. There have been far too many penalties all around.
    Let's just hope that a lot of this type of play has to do with NE being very aggressive in the Beanpot (for obvious reasons) and even more so in trying to avenge their loss.
    Despite the sluggish play from the Eagles, let's give credit where credit is due. They've allowed 17 goals in three games and yet have not lost. All Hail York.

  2. Completely agree. It's really hard to be critical because the team has played at such a high level for so long this season. I just hope that we didn't peak too early this year.


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