Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eagles' Bubble Bursts(?) - Miami Holds On to Beat BC 73-64

Not a ton to say about this one that I didn't already say in the UNC recap from last week. Just like that game, BC came out flat on offense early scoring only 17 (yes, you read that right) points in the first half. Nobody showed any energy on either end of the floor and the average Miami squad was able to build a shocking 21-point lead going into the halftime break.

Then, just like the previous game, BC put together a comeback with aggressive defense (playing much of the second half in either a full-court or half-court trap), some timely shooting, and a little bit of luck. Sadly, the result was the same as well, with the Eagles' strong second half effort a classic example of "too little, too late." Once again, BC's Achilles heel of zero interior defense doomed them, with the 'Cane's Reggie Johnson playing the role of heartbreaker this time as he hit what seemed to be a million and-1s in a row down the stretch (probably closer to three). This loss, obviously, is MUCH more devastating than losing to UNC on the road. Miami is a mediocre ACC team at best, and this loss all but guarantees you won't be writing in "Boston College" in your bracket come Selection Sunday. More thoughts on the game follow.

- 27 games into this season I still have almost no idea what to make of this team. At one point they seemed to be a first-half team that blew leads; the past two games they have made furious second-half comebacks after putrid first halves. They go through good and bad stretches seemingly at random. College basketball in general sees lots of ups and downs over the course of a game, but even by those standards BC is erratic. It's possible this is just a result of a weird, awkward combination of Donahue's first year, not a ton of talent, and up-and-down effort on the part of the Eagles. Hopefully BC can be more consistent the next few years as Donahue really starts to take over the team.

- I mentioned this in my UNC recap but it bears repeating: Joe Trapani has impressed me a ton over the past five games or so. For a while in this game, he was the only player on BC who seemed to give a crap about the game. It was his hustle and talent, including a three to open the second half, that spurred BC's failed comeback attempt. What he lacks in actual skill he more than makes up for in effort and sheer hard work, and that's something that can't be said about anyone else on this team recently.

- I hate to be overly negative, but the lack of student support for BC basketball is really depressing. Fans reporting in from Conte Forum on Twitter estimated somewhere between 20-30 students at the game - or, conservatively, 0.3% of the entire student body. Edit: Commenters have suggested there were well more than 30 students at the game. I'll defer to them, but the rest of this paragraph still applies as the turnout was clearly pretty bad tonight (just watching online you could see pretty much empty red seats behind the "floor" section). I get the rationale for the students: BC just isn't that good, the game is on a Wednesday night during midterms, etc. etc. Quite frankly, students, I don't buy it - it's a little over two hours out of your day to see ACC basketball, grab a bite to eat, and hang out with a bunch of your friends. At the very least it's a solid study break. There should be a decent showing regardless of the teams involved, and showings like tonight are some of the few times I'm embarrassed of the way the normally great Superfans support the team. If BC basketball ever becomes really good and the fans start showing up, expect plenty of bandwagon-jumper comments. Whoever makes them will be 100% right.

- Technically, BC could still make the NCAA tournament, so perhaps the title of this post is at least somewhat misleading. At this point, however, they probably need to run the table the rest of the season (@VTech, @UVA, vs. Wake) and then win at least two games in the ACC Tournament. Even then, we'd be sitting on the edge of our seats as the brackets were being announced. Donahue needs to make sure his players forget records and tournaments and just focus on winning each game on the schedule from here on out.


  1. There were significantly more than 30 of us there. I won't pretend it was anything close to acceptable, but the student turnout was decent (& loud) compared to some of the other games this year.

    It's frustrating but those of us who do show up do what we can. I'd argue we put more effort into the first half than the team did.

  2. I would be shocked if there were only 20-30 students there. Part of the problem is that the student section is so large that it sometimes makes attendance look significantly worse. When I go to games I usually physically count how many students are there at the tip-off. Even on nights when attendance appears pathetic we are usually able to muster a number north of 100.

    If we win out and win two games in the ACC tourney, I think we're in pretty safe. That being said, it's inexcusable that this team wasn't ready to play tonight.

  3. Alright, I was just going on what a number of people on Twitter were saying. To be fair, that was a few minutes before tip-off (and probably was somewhat exaggerated). I've updated the post to reflect that.

    That said, the point still stands - BC is probably the worst (or second worst after Miami) student section for basketball in the ACC. I went to every home game my junior and senior year and the crowd was usually pretty sad except for Duke and UNC, obviously.


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