Monday, February 28, 2011

Herzlich Slows Momentum

Mark Herzlich's rise in the draft took a step backwards today Mike Reiss is now reporting that the BC linebacker ran a 4.92 at the 40 yard dash during today's NFL combine. This is not good news for Herzlich, whose speed and agility were questioned coming into today. In case BC fans are wondering if the time was a fluke, Herzlich's second 40 was even worse, falling to a 4.96. Typically, NFL teams generally want their linebacker's running a 4.7 or better. While this certainly doesn't kill his draft status, this will be a developing story for Herzlich as it raises more questions than answers in regards to his health, especially considering that Herzlich noticeably lost weight in anticipation of the combine.I have to wonder at this point whether Herzlich truly lost weight in anticipation of being drafted by a 4-3 defense or if part of this was out of concern for speed.

Helmet tip to Mike C. for pointing this story out.


  1. Hmm that's tough. Lest we forget tho -- Brandon Spikes ran a 5.0 forty yard dash and has turned out to be a great player (even though he got suspended).

    Thoughts on the Spikes comparison?

  2. Its a good point showing that slow players can succeed at LB but Spikes isnt a particularly great comp. Spikes' strengths are playing from where he lineups to the line of scrimmage. His job is basically to engage any OL that comes off the blocks and ensure that they dont get up on Mayo. His role is perfectly suited to his strengths and hiding his weaknesses.

    Herzlich in comparison has always played in space or come off the edge both of which require some level of speed in the NFL. The BC zones allow smart players to drop into the correct zones and stay disciplined. Hell be challenged to cover TEs in the NFL.

  3. Great point. Thanks for the follow up Mike. And keep up the good work! Really enjoying the blog.

  4. Just as another follow up - Mayock reported today that scouts had Herzy pre cancer in the 4.6-4.65 range.


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