Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kevin Rogers in the Mix for OC

Kevin Rogers, quarterbacks coach for the Minnesota Vikings, reportedly interviewed for the BC offensive coordinator job. A lot of people won't like this hire if it happens because, like Gary, Rogers is a little on the older side. As we've already mentioned, Day is a good, but relatively unproven, up and coming offensive mind. Should the Eagles roll the dice with Day, who undoubtedly has a higher ceiling than Rodgers? Or should Eagle fans play it safe with a man who helped coach Brett Favre to one of the best seasons in his career?

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One of the nice positives about a hire like Rogers, is that he brings instant credibility to the program. Rogers can sit in a young recruit's home and point to a proven track record of success at both the pro level and in ACC play. Some comments have been made in regards to the fact that Rogers typically works with mobile quarterbacks, but that has not always been the case (ex. Favre, Frerotte). And although some BC fans will shudder at his age, he is significantly younger than Gary Tranquill. Also, this is not a situation where we are "convincing someone out of retirement." Rogers has been consistently employed since his Syracuse days, a sign that the man still has some gas in the tank. He is clearly a step up from Tranquill, but the question becomes whether or not he is the best man for the job.

Rogers does come with some drawbacks. He clearly has a lot of experience, but a lot of it comes from his Big East days with 'Cuse. Most of the offenses he has worked with do depend on somewhat mobile quarterbacks, and I'm not sure that Chase Rettig fits that mold (although he can scramble when needed). Finally, Rogers has not exactly had much success at the pro level. The Jackson experience in Minnesota has had mixed results as best, and Gus Frerotte has never been considered a good pro quarterback. Furthermore, how much coaching did Brett Favre really need at that point in his career? Unfortunately, Rogers would be unlikely to keep any younger BC assistants as he probably has his own assistant coaches he would bring in. It is unlikely that Rogers would be able to keep either Day or Brock on board for more than a year or two, if at all, should he get hired. Is BC really prepared to lose out on a very young, up and coming coach, especially to someone with fairly limited BC ties?

I would be okay if either Day or Rogers got the job, because both would be a pretty big step up. Day has a higher ceiling that Rogers, but also has a lower floor. If I had to make the call today, I would say to go with Rogers if he really wants the job and will commit to it for the next five years.With our defensive dominance, we just need an offense that isn't anemic, and Rogers will undoubtedly deliver that. BC fans who get behind Rogers do need to be prepared for the possibility that they might watch Day become a very successful coach somewhere else.


  1. Not sure who BC will wnd up with but you are wrong about Rogers. you talk as if he is 100 years old. I have seen this guy and he is an incredibly charasmatic, energetic man. The Boys will want to play for him. Sure if he has a moble QB he wil exploit that but I guarantee you on thing his offense will be exciting and the celing with be VERY high!!

  2. Really glad to hear that he has a lot of energy. We need it so much. I'm definitely not down on Rogers and would be happy if he got the job. I'm just trying to present the pros and cons of each candidate. Thanks a lot for the comment!

  3. Spaz is actually going with the safe , boring , business as usual choice here . There is nothing in Rogers past to suggest an exciting , upbeat , different or risk taking offense.After 2 years of anemic offense why not take a chance on Day out of the Chip Kelly school of offense ? Ryan Day is on the fast track to an OC job , unfortunately it seems as though it'll be at another school . Our loss will be another school's gain . The whole process of choosing an OC is a disturbing pattern of indecision on the part of Spaz (e.g.quarterbacks).

  4. To the guy above me, my points exactly. I have absolutely nothing to support this but is it possible maybe Spaz views Day as a threat to the HC spot in say 3-5 years? If Day is very successful as an OC and as he is known a bright and upcoming coach, he will recognized as a natural successor or takeover candidate for HC. Maybe Spaz doesn't want this risk and pressure down his neck? Sure Day will still be extremely young and inexperienced but HC has to be in his line of sights if an OC tenure went well. With Rodgers, there is no chance he becomes a HC. Of course this is highly speculative with no footing or truth behind it but the thought crossed my mind several times in this OC search.

  5. OK Ralph and others listen up. You guys are lucky to get Rogers. He will bring out the very best in whatever talent the team has. You just watch the offense produce next season. Before you comment about his lack of creativity maybe you should go back and see his body of work. Records (both team and individual) were broken under his leadership At Tech, Syracuse, ND as well as with the Vikings. He will get the most out of this seasons team AND just watch the talent he is able to attract next recruiting season. So get happy BC

  6. I am not bashing the hire of Rogers. In my mind, I had a preference for either Rogers or Day. If Spaz/GDF wanted to go with someone with ton of experience, then Rogers was my preference compared to some other candidates interviewed. If we wanted to take a chance on someone young who is up & coming, then I preferred Day. I wouldn't say we are "lucky" to get Rogers. Yes, he is an instant upgrade over what we had and our offense should be much improved (and hopefully the recruits he brings in as well). That said, we probably are going to lose Day and/or Brock and I think that might be a huge mistake in a few years.


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