Friday, February 11, 2011

New OC Candidate: Doug Martin

Just when we think we might be getting close to having a new offensive coordinator, Gene goes out and interviews Doug Martin. I highly doubt Martin gets this job, but the larger question is whether or not Gene is dissatisfied with the current pool of candidates and is looking to expand interviewing by three or four more people. We are now 31 days into the OC search with no end in sight. Don't make me go on a hunger strike Gene.

Make the jump for the analysis on Martin.

On the positive side, Martin is yet another coaching candidate with fairly extensive head coaching experience. He is familiar with BC through his various road games as the Kent State head coach. His teams have stayed out of trouble for the most part and have succeeded in the classroom, at least by Kent State's standards. Furthermore, he is from the Steve Logan coaching tree. While Logan was here, I think that most fans were satisfied with the BC offense, even if most of that offense came with Matt Ryan. BC fans were less satisfied with the offense under Chris Crane, who was good enough to play in a pre-season game with the Colts. Martin has experience at coaching decent quarterbacks, and was instrumental in the development of Jacksonville's David Garrard.

In addition to being a fairly successful offensive coordinator, Martin is known for being a very good recruiter, especially at a small school with limited facilities. Despite working with a limited budget and at a school with a limited football brand, Martin was able to attract some decent talent. Interestingly, one article claims that Martin was offered a job as Brett Favre's position coach and he turned it down to stay on as head coach. I wonder if that job was with the Vikings. If so, then at least one team favored him over Kevin Rogers.

While Martin was successful enough as a head coach to stick with Kent State for seven season, the school really didn't sound too torn up about him leaving this past fall. He achieved very little success -  even by MAC standards - while being a head coach (although he admittedly achieved more than Hofher did at Buffalo). The offense was anemic at best, posting a ranking of 98th in yardage and 100th in scoring. Martin has no real experience to speak of with top football programs, and honestly the best program he was a member of was probably East Carolina. The lack of experience with big-time programs and the fact that he is not an up-and-coming coach are honestly the two biggest factors counting against him at this point. Plus, he kind of looks a little like GT.

To be honest, I'm not really sure what Gene is looking for here. I know he was at least satisfied with the offense during the Logan years, but of the candidates so far I really think that Martin might be the weakest (although Hofher gives him a serious run for his money). My sense is that Martin is being interviewed as a position coach, even if he doesn't know it yet. Look for him to be offered the TE coaching position if Brock leaves.

All of that being said, the more I research Martin, the better he looks. I really wonder if he is a good offensive mind who got stuck at a school that is impossible to win at. I'm sure Gene is thinking the same thing.


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