Wednesday, February 2, 2011

OC Candidates: Jim Hofher

By this point it's pretty old news that University of Delaware offensive coordinator Jim Hofher has interviewed for the BC Eagles offensive coordinator job. We've done pretty extensive analysis on Rogers and Day so far so let's take a look at what Hofher could potentially add to the anemic offense that is BC football.

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The good news about Hofher is that he has proven that he can lead an offense to a national championship game, even if that national championship game comes at an FCS school. Hofher also left as the winningest head coach in Cornell football history. He has worked with young quarterbacks before, and even helped take Tennessee to the Cotton Bowl while mentoring Andy Kelly in 1989. With several young quarterbacks on scholarship next year, it will be important to have someone with experience coaching the position as the head of the offense. Additionally, if Hofher is hired, staffing should not be an issue as one would think that his extensive experience will enable him to bring coaches he is comfortable with to Chestnut Hill. By most accounts, he seems to be a high character guy and an excellent role model to his players.

The downside to Hofher is that he has thus far been a bit of a vagabond, even as far as football coaches go. He doesn't exactly have royal coaching pedigree, and most of the coaches who will vouch for him never succeeding in the spotlight. In his coaching career he has had stints at Cornell, Buffalo, Delaware, North Carolina, Wake Forrest, Tennessee, Miami (OH), Bowling Green, and Syracuse. BC is probably looking for someone more stable at this position, and although Hofher has enjoyed success at Delaware, it is, well, Delaware (home of the Blue Hens I might add). The only way I would really be able to get excited about an FCS coach is if they managed to knock off one of the national powerhouses Appalachian State style.

And then there's the whole Buffalo thing when he was head coach there. Eight wins in five years. It wasn't even like you could see the improvement (3-8, 1-11, 1-11, 2-9, 1-10). I'm not really sure what kind of credibility he would therefore bring to the recruiting trail. Buffalo isn't exactly known for having the best players, and coaching there has always been a challenge, but those numbers suggest some sort of disconnect in his coaching that has to be addressed.

Finally, for kicks I researched Hofher on the website "rate it all" (yes, that's what this blog has devolved to) and the reviews were predictably not very good.

To be perfectly honest, I would be pretty upset if we hire Hofher. I think that of the four choices I've heard so far (Day, Brock, Rogers, and Hofher), Hofher is my least favorite. I'm not even totally sure that he would be a step up from the offensive system we currently have. He may have enjoyed some brief success at an FCS school, but that doesn't erase the fact that he ran a fairly anemic offense in Buffalo and would leave BC in a heartbeat if he did by chance enjoy any success here.


  1. Out of all of the choices ive heard, Id take either Brock or Hofher. If Day was anywhere near competent at this point, he would have the job, given that hes good buddies with Gene.

    Hofher might not be the head coach material but he would be a great choice as an OC. The guy knows QB talent and how to develop it. His success at Delaware is pretty impressive. Within the last few years hes had Joe Flacco and Pat Devlin. Churning out 2 NFL level QBs within a 4 year period is enough for me to know this guy has something going right (especially given he is recruiting at a I-AA level).

  2. I'm not sure that Hofher and Flacco crossed paths at Delaware. Hofher was at Bowling Green in 2008, which I think was Flacco's draft year. We'll see if Devlin actually develops into a decent pro quarterback, I'm just not really sold on him at this point.

  3. ah, so he is. That would mean he only coached devlin - whose a talented guy as is. He probably isnt going to start for a while, if ever. That would probably put me squarely in the Brock camp. He clearly knows how to recruit QBs and also seems to know how to use them (Freeman at Oklahoma State)


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