Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Okay so Basketball Season Isn't Over But...

Want a look into the future? Check out this clip of Eddie Odio, set to cheesy music and against somewhat inferior high school students, but nonetheless don't pretend that this doesn't get you excited for what's coming down the Donahue pipeline. Odio has zero stars on rivals and is not considered one of our better recruits. Keep that in mind as you watch him put the beat down on some kids. 

Eddie: I love that you're 6-7 and can jack 3's, dunk, and handle the basketball. Additionally, your post moves look pretty legit and your blocks would make me never want to shoot the ball against you again, but please, spare me the music. Please. I really can't tell you how horrible it is.

Additionally, I would really like to know what this video was doing on this web page discussing possible candidates for the BC Law Dean position.


  1. And I have my answer. Apparently someone was trying to post this clip of a guy who is potentially the next DEAN of BC Law. Seriously, watch this clip. It's better than the Odio one.


    The idea that someone can be this bad at dancing boggles my mind, and that's coming from a world-class bad dancer.

  2. Odio does look impressive there, but my concern with him is the league he is playing in. I have no idea how competitive it is, but the opponents appear to be small private schools in south Florida. I question the talent he is playing against. Perhaps this is why he is not rated by rivals. Of course, this does not mean he cannot be a great player and hopefully he does turn out to be one. For now, though, I'm not ready to crown him the next BC great.


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