Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Still No OC Decision

...and the wait continues. BC seems to be dragging its feet on naming a new offensive coordinator. While we still basically know very little regarding the time-line for naming a new OC, I think most Eagles fans assumed that one would be named shortly after National Signing Day. Given that we know who some of the candidates are, does this wait signal that BC is headed in a specific direction?

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Okay so I can't decide what to make of it so I'll present both arguments to the best of my ability and let you duke it out amongst yourselves.

Yes: The wait means that BC is going after either Hofher or Rogers. It seems more likely than not that if BC was going to hire an internal candidate, it would have done so already. If BC was going to promote from within, an agreement easily could have been drawn up prior to signing day, and the new OC could already be at work, assembling a new coaching staff and offense. Outside candidates are more likely to have contractual concerns and negotiation pitfalls which could prolong the inevitable. Both known outside candidates have very little history with Boston College and may want to familiarize themselves with the area for a day or two before making a final decision.

No: We might be making something out of nothing. After all, national signing day was just last week. With all of the good press from signing day and the Beanpot this week, why wouldn't the athletic department want to stall things a little bit, even if it's just to keep BC in the local spotlight for an extra few days? This is simply a savvy PR move by Gene's staff. We all know that Gene wants to hire the next great BC football coach and the people with the best chance of achieving coaching greatness at BC are currently on staff.

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  1. Gene better not be waiting just to keep the athletic department in the spotlight. Delaying the decision necessarily hurts the program in preparation for next year. Spring practices generally start in late march, which is now only about a month and a half away. This change almost definitely means a lower staff shakeup that will also mean another round of hiring.

    Furthermore, theres going to be a new offensive system no matter who the new OC is and the offense desperately needs the spring practices to be as helpful as possible and thus really should have the new playbook now.


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