Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2011 Eagles v. 2012 Eagles: Guards

Welcome to the first part of our seven part series comparing this year's basketball team to next. For the first two days, we are going to focus on the back court of the team, which is increasingly important in Donahue's high-octane offense. Next year's back court will have big shoes to fill, as they will be expected to maintain our offensive efficiency while improving defensive efficiency by keeping opponent's buckets from beyond the arc to a minimum. Today, we will break down the guards who are expected to be "on the ball" and tomorrow we will focus on those "off the ball."

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On the ball

2010-11 players: Jackson, Moton, Biko Paris

2011-12 players: Jackson, Moton, Jordan Daniels

Mike R. Baring injuries, it seems like this group should get a lot better next year. Jackson will continue to develop, not only as a player, but more importantly as a leader on the floor. We need him to start having better clock management skills, and to realize when he needs to call for the ball and make a play. As good as Moton has been for us this year, his main function has been to distribute and to not turn the ball over. We need him to be able to drive more consistently. I don't know whether or not that will ever happen because while the ball skills are there, it doesn't seem like he has the size to get his shot by the big men once he gets into the paint on the drive. The BC roster has him as 6-2 but he really doesn't seem taller than Biko, who is listed as a generous 6-1. Losing Biko will hurt, but most of his contributions come as an off-the-ball guard so I will write more about him tomorrow.

Finally, a word about Jordan Daniels. I haven't seen tape on him yet but I'm encouraged by what I hear from ESPN. I thought we got some very decent play from Moton this year despite the fact that he was given a paltry score of "40" on his ESPN profile. Daniels has a score of 88 which means we should be able to depend on him to both not turn it over and to hit an open shot, even if that means he won't be able to create his own shot right away. Coming off the bench, he should be an instant upgrade over what Moton did for us this year. So overall, baring injury, give me the 2011-12 Eagles all day. Mike?

Mike C.

Reggie is the key here. If he stays, this group is all set. He is a legitimate college superstar who can get to the hoop, hit the open jumper, and find his open teammates for shots. Moton had a solid freshman year and is already one of the better defenders on the team. Hes quick with the dribble and seems to be able to get where he wants to with the ball and already has at least decent court awareness. Hes bit on the small side to finish at the rim but if he practices with his quickness he should be able to create enough separation to get his shots off close to the basket, especially if he is on the court with Reggie at the same time. The problem with Moton is his outside shot is horrible. Donahue has shown a knack for reworking outside shots so maybe this isn't a huge concern for next year.

Losing Biko will hurt but the late addition of Jordan Daniels to the recruiting class gives Donahue another option to handle the ball. From a rudimentary look at his high school tape, he looks lightning quick with the ball in his hands. Pairing him and Jackson would be an intriguing combination in the backcourt. On the downside, Daniels is absolutely tiny - he will probably end up being generously listed at 5'10" and seems to have a very small and lean frame. His lack of size could pose problems on the defensive end as opposing point guards with above average size will be able to post him up. Offensively, he is going to need to learn how to release his shot quickly or else he will have problems with blocked shots even on the perimeter.


  1. Moton was the second worst player in the entire ACC this season going by PER. But great analysis guys

  2. I cant say im surprised. Moton has an absolutely terrible shot that needs to be completely reworked. He was pretty terrible for a stretch of games at the beginning of the season. And just a point about PER - it pretty much completely ignores defense, which at this point is Moton's only true strength.


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