Sunday, March 6, 2011

Does Gene Defilipo Have Too Much Control?

Things are really picking up on the basketball and hockey fronts.  Before they get too crazy, I want to return to the OC hiring process and some of the controversy surrounding it. The hiring process, which concluded last month, raised some questions in the BC blogging community concerning whether or not Athletic Director Gene Defilipo has too much control over the football program. While he certainly has more control over the football program than most athletic directors at most schools, I see his specific involvement with BC football as an asset to the program and generally not a liability.

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Many Eagles fans are immediately going to read this article and start crying "Jags! Jags!" Let me say this from the outset. Get over it. 2007 was a special year in which BC had a roster loaded with future NFL talent. We at Around the Res felt it just as much as anyone else, watching the game from Edmonds and then pouring into the near-riot scene at the mods afterward. That being said, Jags was a man with no loyalty to BC, was disinterested in recruiting at best, and could not get a functioning offense moving the following year (hello Georgia Tech!) despite having two serviceable QBs in Crane and Davis (Crane was good enough to get an invite to the Colts camp and Davis isn't doing too badly for himself in Carolina). It is what it is and I'm over it.

I think that Gene understands the strengths and weaknesses of his current football coach. Spaz is an excellent defensive mind, although he did serve from time to time on the other side of the ball. He simply may not be that good at hiring or at evaluating other coaches. Being able to coach and being able to evaluate other coaches are not the same skill. Bill Parcells was a great coach but had less luck in evaluating other head coaches along the way when he served as a GM.

Gary T. may have been a good coach, he just wasn't the right fit for Boston College at the time he was hired. In fact, he was an awful fit and it was unfair to put him in a position where he seemed almost destined to run a below-average offense from the outset (remember, the second guessing on the Gary T. hire started on day one). I think that Spaz lost a certain amount of credibility with his first offensive hire, and Gene simply couldn't take having another bad OC. If you were in his shoes would you really want to play Spaz roulette yet again?

Furthermore, Gene's hires have been pretty darned good for a while now. Additionally, he played his cards right in getting us out of the Big East and into the ACC. At this point I think he's more or less earned the benefit of the doubt on most of his decisions as an AD and while that shouldn't stop BC fans from holding him accountable, I'm completely fine with him sticking his nose into the football program from time to time.

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  1. I'm not a GDF supporter, nor am I one of his dissenters.
    I think GDF brought Jags in because Jags could win, and said he would be a BC guy. Jags won big for a us one year, and brought mild success the next. Except that Jags had no true loyalty to BC. Enter TOB. TOB clearly had loyalty to BC, as its winning-est football coach, but like his number of wins, that loyalty proved mediocre at best in the end.
    Enter Spaz, at the far other end of the spectrum. He by far is the "BC Guy." He's seen the HC regimes, including his own. But granted, he hasn't exactly won us championships. I'm hoping this is in large part to Tranquil. Tranquil didn't have the pedigree that Rodgers does. Maybe Rodgers is the missing link needed to bring a true BC guy like Spaz to championship territory. Here's keeping my fingers crossed for big things in 2011.


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