Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NFL Draft Series - Thomas Claiborne

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 330
Draft Grade: 6th round-UDFA*
Projection: late 6th early 7th - around pick 200
Possible Landing Places: Pittsburgh, New York Jets, San Diego
Upside Comparison: Chris Kemoeatu, G Steelers
*Note - due to the lack of a CBA, there is currently no way for teams to sign players that are not drafted.

Claiborne was a three year for the Eagles at guard after being moved from defensive tackle after his redshirt freshman season. Coach Jags realized that he had substantial potential as an interior offensive lineman. For the next 3 seasons, Claiborne remained as the starter, mainly at right guard.

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- Huge, wide frame with a lot of bulk
- A lot of brute strength
- Explodes out of his crouch and engages his man with ferocity
- Remains on his man well and finishes his blocks in the running game
- Quick feet for his size
- Has experience playing in both ZBS and drive power blocking systems

- Inexplicably misses blocks
- Often seems to not know his assignment on the field
- Makes stupid penalties on a regular basis
- Had a strange senior year and had a run in with Coach Spaz which led to his benching for multiple games. There are multiple explanations to this run in from Spaz not being happy with his effort to Claiborne expressing displeasure at how the team was run but either way teams are going to want to figure out what exactly happened.
- His body type will not age well.

Overall, Claiborne is a good fit for teams that use a man/drive blocking system. His feet aren't going to be quick enough to be starter quality in ZBS. Teams that like their guards short and squat should take a hard look at him (e.g. Pittsburgh) since there are few offensive linemen who can sustain that type of bulk and still be able to move enough to play an interior line position. Character concerns (mainly effort issues) will push him down teams draft boards and could result in a good value. From my vantage point, any time after the fourth round is worth the gamble.

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  1. i think he will prosper in the Pros if he stays focused.


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