Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Prediction for Tonight

Sorry for the more sporadic posting lately. A combination of end-of-the-fiscal-year accounting and impending law school exams is beginning to catching up with our writers. That being said, I think it's high time for a little bit of speculation about tonight's big match-up. Despite our 20 point victory on the road against Virginia last weekend, ESPN's writers saw our win for what it was, namely a win against a bad Virginia team. As a consequence, ESPN still has BC as one of the first four teams out. A win tonight will put this team squarely in the tournament, you would think.

So how do I see this season shaking out?

Let me start by saying that in predicting this basketball season, any fan should throw out the tried and true methods of predicting sports games. Things like logic, statistics, and "must-win" scenarios don't seem to phase this team in its Jekyll and Hyde ride towards the NIT. That being the case, I am going to openly defer to my "gut feeling" about the rest of the season.

First, a word of explanation about my "gut feelings." Many people would call them, for lack of a better word, pessimistic. However, we all know that there is a dark cloud around BC that seemingly prevents us from achieving sporting glory time and time again, whether that be losing at home against an un-ranked FSU football team in '07, or having two starters kicked off a basketball team which seemed destined to carry BC into the elite eight or final four in 06-07. It just seems that our teams are always cut down just slightly short of where they seem to have the potential to go, and that always leaves us dissatisfied, a little bitter, and mimicking Brooklyn fans from nightmares past ("wait till next year").

So with that in mind, I predict a stunning road win for tonight. Oh, but this is so much more pessimistic than you might think, because I'm also predicting a home loss against Wake immediately following it. Let that sink in for a second and then ask yourself if that is something that you could see BC doing. Oh yes. You know this is about to happen and that we will end up being one lowly Wake loss away from the tourney. And now you know what I mean about a "gut feeling."


  1. Well, remember that BC might get Wake in consecutive games (final home game, and possibly Thursday in Greensboro if BC is 5th). I suppose that increases the odds a little bit that Wake will do us in eventually. If BC were to lose to Wake at all, they would have absolutely no business dancing, anyway.

    I do like the optimism for tonight though.

  2. Venga BC! Hoy nos chingamos a VT. Saludos desde Mexico.

  3. I'd like to give a version of the disclaimer you see on DVD commentaries:

    The above predictions are those of Mike only. These predictions are not representative of Around the Res' other members...

    (for the record, I see BC losing tonight and beating Wake, then beating Wake or GT in the first round of the ACC tournament and having our tourney hopes rest on beating whoever we get in the second round).

  4. slightly tongue-in-cheek, Nick...


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