Monday, March 14, 2011

Top 5 Reasons BC Was Left at the Altar

As we all know BC did not make the NCAA tournament and instead grabbed a a number one seed in the NIT. Instead of a home game however, they are playing AT McNeese St. (side note - I still have not heard a valid reason on why GDF passed on a home game). After such a promising start to the year, it seemed at times the Eagles would be a lock for the tourney. Now they are traveling to Louisiana to play a road game against some team 90% of you never heard of (talk about some "real" motivation). In short, what happened?

Here are my top 5 reasons the Eagles missed the tourney.

1. Getting swept by Clemson. This includes the ACC tourney but BC looked completely over matched both times against a "bubble level team". If they beat Clemson in the ACC tourney, you could swap BC in for Clemson in the tourney.

2. Reggie Jackson's 3 at UNC rims out. If this goes in, BC gets it's a signature win and in the tourney. No question in my opinion.

3. The bad, bad losses. Yale, URI and to a lesser degree Harvard. Yale was inexcusable. URI was a middling A-10 team and if this was our only bad loss, this would be fine. Losing to Harvard while upsetting at the time, turned out to be an OK loss relatively speaking. The loss solely to them did not stop BC from dancing.

4. Getting swept by Miami. The Eagles win one of these, I think they're in. You can't lose both games to a bottom 4 ACC team and expect to make the tournament.

5. Second half letdown versus Wisconsin. I only bring this up because BC had a chance to win this game at the half (up by 3) and if they held on, it would have gave BC a true signature win.

Did I overlook anything? Disagree with my list? Give me your top 5 reasons BC missed the tourney in the comments.

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P.S. I realize it's been a while since I posted but real life, work and planning a move got in the way. I'll try to be better about this.

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  1. GDF passed up on the home court to allow the hockey teams to practice, both teams alive for a National Championship.


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