Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Two Cents

As the clock rapidly approaches Sunday night, there are two developing stories to keep your eye on. First, using the BC-Clemson game as an elimination match-up, makes a ton of sense for the tournament committee and should generally help the school that wins. Second, BC fans should start preparing for the possibility that Boston College might not make the tournament while the puppy dogs of BU (gasp!) will. As an added bonus, one Jesuit college has already made the NCAA tournament (hint: not Georgetown).

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First, as to the BC-Clemson match-up, the more I think about this, the more sense it makes for the tournament committee. Essentially, the last four in are playing to become true members of the tournament. So while it's better than nothing, it really isn't the ideal situation for most schools. By allowing BC and Clemson to play an elimination game in the ACC tournament, the committee can include another team in it's last four while advancing the winner of the BC-Clemson match-up beyond bubble status. The winner of BC-Clemson will likely get a good enough seed that they can avoid the play-in, making them a true member of the tournament.

In terms of making a tournament run, this really isn't any different from the scenario BC would be facing if it was selected as the last four in. Assuming we beat Wake Forrest, we have to win three games to get to the sweet 16; Clemson and two tournament games. If we get in the tournament as one of the last four in, we need to win that game and two more. So like I said, it's obviously not the ideal situation and I would rather be in the tournament from the get-go but I can definitely see how this would make sense from the committee's perspective.

Second, the latest bracketology projects Boston University as the winner of the American East Conference, which brought me to the startling realization this morning that it is a strong possibility that BU will be dancing and we will not. Ouch. Now I have to listen to that for the next year or so from my BU classmates. The fact that BU will get a lowly 16 seed doesn't take any sting out of it either. That being said, they seem to have a coach turning things around on the other end of Comm Ave.

Finally, congratulations to fellow Jesuit school St. Peter's, who became the first Jesuit institution to punch its ticket this year. ESPN has a pretty cool write-up on the team. With Gonzaga punching its ticket later that night, we already have two Jesuit schools in. Georgetown will make it, and BC is on the cusp, meaning that four schools very well might make it in this year. Of course, Holy Cross will not make it, and Notre Dame and St. Mary's are not Jesuit, but I have to wonder what the record for the number of Jesuit schools in any given tournament is. I couldn't find anything on google but if someone knows please let me know.


  1. Mike would be the one to wonder about what the record for the number of Jesuit schools would be. Really, Mike? Who keeps stats like that?

    From your favorite seminarian

  2. I am reminded via twitter that Xavier is a Jesuit Catholic University as well.


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