Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 Spring Depth Chart: Offense

Because BC doesn't want to release a depth chart, we're going to make one of our own.  You'll find plenty of surprises in Mike C.'s depth chart with analysis from both Mikes to follow.

WR1A: Ifeanyi Momah
WR1B: Johnathan Coleman or Shakim Phillips

WR2A: Bobby Swiggert
WR2B: Alex Amidon

LT1: Emmett Cleary
LT2: Seth Betancourt

LG1: Nate Richman
LG2: Bryan Davis

C1: Mark Spinney
C2: Nate Richman

RG1: Bobby Vardaro
RG2: Harris Williams

RT1: John Wetzel
RT2: Mike Goodman

TE1: Chris Pantale
TE2: Lars Anderson

QB1: Chase Rettig
QB2: David Shinskie

RB1: Montel Harris
RB2: Rolandan Finch

FB1: Andre Lawrence
FB2: Lars Anderson

Note: Both Andre Williams and Colin Larmond Jr. are out of spring camp and the Spring Game but project to the Summer 2-deep


While some depth charts have Wetzel starting at LT, I'll put Cleary there until Wetzel clearly beats him out. Cleary brings the experience and I would prefer to have a tackle with at least some experience protecting Rettig's blindside. If Wetzel proves to be better, then it should still be an easy shift to switch the two. Andre Williams sitting out gives Finch a chance to prove that he should be getting some carries as well after a lost season due to injury after an intriguing freshman season. The right guard spot on the line is an open competition between Vardaro/Harris Williams/Bryan Davis. At this point, I'll take a guess and say that Vardaro will win out - he has good size and athleticism and should be well suited to the drive blocking system that Spaz has implemented.

Lars Anderson is listed as the second fullback on the traditional 2-deep but I would like to see some sets with both Anderson and Pantale on the field with Pantale lined up as an in-line blocker and Anderson playing more of an H-back position. Rodgers has the reputation for being creative with tight ends and there's a fair amount of tight end talent on the team. Playing two tight ends at times instead of a fullback would seem to be an easy way to add more talent to the field that could stretch out the passing game.

BC returns all of its top receivers from last year, which should allow Rettig to build on the relationships that he started in the fall. Unfortunately, Larmond, the star of the group, is out throughout the spring which will limit the time that Rettig gets to work with him before the season starts. Coleman presents another big, athletic target who can hopefully progress and improve on his first season. While he was still raw despite red-shirting, BC generally does not have his type of athletic talent at WR and hopefully his football awareness has improved.

Mike R:  You stole most of my thunder with the 2 TE set. I really love our tight ends and think we should use them more often. With a weaker offense line, they can really help out both tackles or split out for quick routes to the side. I'm going to make a bold prediction and say that a tight end leads the team in catches this year.

I would disagree with the RG analysis. I think that Harris will be the starter out of camp, but I really believe that all three of the guys mentioned are starting material. It is clear to me that Wetzel will be the left tackle. There is something the coaches see in him that makes them confident in his ability to protect Rettig, so until I hear otherwise, Wetzel is the guy. This brings us to the point that Wetzel is yet another player with a lost year because he didn't get a red shirt and made no meaningful contributions on the field his freshmen year.

I would be disappointed if we used the fullback position a lot this year. It's not a position of strength for us and it pretty much eliminates the possibility of using two tight ends unless you're prepared to see one receiver sets. I just don't see it happening for us.

Finally, I don't know that Larmond Jr. makes the depth chart when he comes back. Health and rapport with Rettig will be two factors holding him back. I really hope he does come back better than ever because that could give us the best receiving corps we've seen in the past six years.


  1. With hind sight, I'm a little surprised that neither of us mentioned Shakim Phillips, one of our best WR recruits in years. I just don't see him cracking the depth chart.

  2. Hes listed as an "or" on 1B with Johnathan Coleman.


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