Monday, April 4, 2011

Around the Res to Meet with GDF

I scored an interview with GDF for tomorrow afternoon! I'm really excited for this interview because I think GDF has done a very good job for a really long time at the heights. That being said, I would like to open the comments section for question submissions from our readers. I will try to work in a few thoughtful reader questions tomorrow so fire away.

Some ideas so far:

What was the decision making process for burning Chase Rettig's red-shirt like?
What ideas is the athletic department working on to build on-time student attendance for games?
Do you have a copy of the 2009 football pregame video (seriously that video was awesome)?
Any chance that BC coaches get on Boston radio programming (similar to what Roy Williams and Coach K have) any time soon?


  1. Definitely see if the Under Armor football pregame video can be replaced by the 2009 one. That's got to be the reason for our team coming out flat in the beginning of home games.

  2. Ask him how the student section was "sold out" during our game vs Northwestern and yet no one was there. This leads to the bigger issue of why kids who don't use the tickets are getting them instead of passionate kids who would go to every game.
    Also, he probably isn't allowed to discuss this, but I'd love to know recruiting / transfer rumors.
    Lastly, any future scheduling plans? Specifically, any chance we soon get a game at Gilette?

  3. subsidizing student tickets into the student fees on the tuition bill - an area of popular debate, could provide a much needed attendance boost for basketball. with both hockey and bball costing 90 bucks a pop, many kids go for 1 instead of both cause they can't afford it what with textbooks and booze and other college spending staples. hockey is the hot team right now and basketball is suffering the effects. plus, many other schools (UMiami, villanova, others) have this option and they have packed houses

  4. Good questions...I have put them in my folder for today.

  5. It'd be great to ask him about our football program if he's ever thought of trying to find or discover and developing any lasting "legacy" type of tradtions that could help to create and define the "Eagle Brand" and gives the Superfans an enhanced experience beyond the traditional tailgaiting atmosphere. See examples such as Clemson's Running of The Hill....Auburn's Toomer's Corner...etc. What are some ideas? I know last year (or the year before?) we had a Bald Eagle touchdown before a game...that'd be cool to make it a BC staple tradition....what are some other ideas? Traditions can take time to develop...and many times they happen by accident instead of forced upon by the AD...but they can also happen from creative planning, yes?

  6. how many millions of dollars and decades of appeasing the neighbors would it take to shut down the chestnut hill driveway (the winding road between the Res and the cemetery) on game days and turn it into a block party?


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