Monday, April 11, 2011

GDF Interview Analysis

To wrap up our GDF interview series (five interview-related posts and counting!) I decided to take a look at some of the more interesting things the AD said and discuss the implications. For simplicity's sake, I'll take the comments in order.

"You know, that's a neat question and I've got some thoughts on that too."(discussing honoring Jerry York) - Right out of the gate DeFilippo makes a cryptic statement regarding Mike's suggestion to rename Conte Forum "King York's Palace." GDF seemed to take the question in the joking manner in which it was intended, but his final comments as quoted above also suggest he has something in the works for honoring York. Nothing really shocking there considering the historic levels of York's success, but interesting to see GDF already thinking about honoring him (whether it is during his career or after York hangs up the proverbial skates).

"Let's think about being Butler or George Mason. If those two institutions can get to the Final Four three times, we certainly can." - Very interesting that GDF chose those schools (rather than, say, Duke or UNC) as examples for where BC can go. This is a surprisingly fresh perspective and more realistic than saying something along the lines of BC becoming an ACC powerhouse year in and year out. In the comments of this post, I raised the idea that BC could become a Gonzaga-type school in basketball, and with his comments GDF seems to agree that due to various restrictions (academics, location, history) we are much better suited in the role of a mid-major than a true powerhouse, albeit one that plays in a BCS conference.

"Good coaches don't come cheap. They don't." - I singled out this comment not so much for what is says about GDF as about what it says about the near future of BC football. GDF clearly put an emphasis on finding money to pay Rogers and that it was completely Spaz' decision, so if Rogers turns out to be a bust along the lines of Tranquill I wonder whether Spaz' complete control of that decision might be the last nail in the coffin. Only speculation here, and I think everyone associated with BC would be shocked if Rogers was a Tranquill-level "bust," but something to keep in mind of BC's recent struggles continue.

"And, we're not finished with this class yet. So, let's see. We'll be very talented and, let's just see what happens." - Another interesting tidbit thrown in here. These comments seem to strongly suggest Donahue and GDF are working to get at least one more recruit for 2011. Of course, this could also just be a reference to the fact that Jordan Daniels has yet to sign a letter of intent (while still being a BC commit), but the way the answer is phrased hints that GDF and Donahue are at the very least doing due diligence on a few other players.

"I will make that recommendation that we go back to something closer to what we did in 2009 than in 2010." (in reference to going back to the 2009-style opening video for football games) - It wasn't clear how serious GDF was with this statement (or whether or not a switch in opening videos was already in the works) but it doesn't matter: Around the Res is taking 100% of the credit if BC comes out with an awesome opening video next fall (with a hat-tip to commenter Billy who raised the issue, of course). If the video sucks? No comment.

"Television would determine that. We don't determine those things. Television tells us when we play and people sometimes think that I can pick the game times. I don't. Television tells us 12 days out what time we're going to play the game."  (regarding whether football games would be played on Sundays in the case of an NFL lockout) - This was an interesting comment given this recent post by the always excellent Dr. Saturday which seems to imply it would be the colleges (or, at least, the conferences) choosing whether to play on Sundays or not. My guess is if a lockout did happen it would be predominately TV based with the conferences getting a veto of some kind if they hated the decision. Also, it's likely each conference's situation is different given different contractual obligations, and since the ACC recently signed a long-term deal with ESPN I would guess, at least so far as the ACC goes, it would be ESPN making the final determination. Incidentally, the linked post above concludes it's highly unlikely college football would move to Sundays even if a lockout occurred in the NFL.

"The drop in the economy has had an effect...And the other thing I think that's hurt us is the high definition TV." (regarding why BC has lessened prices for parking passes) - Once again, I think this comment is worth pointing out not so much for what it says for BC but what it says for the overall sports landscape. With the economy still recovering and HDTVs getting cheaper and more ubiquitous, sports teams of every type are going to have to alter their payment schemes. Strategies I've come across range from dynamically priced season tickets where less popular games are cheaper (Mark Cuban) to making "nosebleed" seats extremely cheap and raising the prices of the most expensive seats (Bill Simmons). It's heartening to note GDF is thinking of solutions as well, and hopefully reduced parking passes and other cuts will make for a better experience for fans as well come this fall and into the future.

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  1. I'd have to imagine the recruiting comment has to do with transfers. The transfer recruiting season is generally right now and getting someone who is a rising junior would help to smooth out the scholarship situation.


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