Friday, April 8, 2011

Morning Coffee with Gene DeFilippo Part III

Welcome to the last part of the three part series with Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo. In a lot of ways, this segment was the most fun to do, but I also think it's the least substantive segment. In it, GDF addresses some reader questions, the possibility of BC playing football on Sundays, the idea of taking a few home games to Gillette, and whether or not the BC book store should be selling yellow body suits. Attention man in the yellow suit! This one's about you!

GDF Part I

...So we recently had an interview with the man in the yellow suit. Do you know the guy I'm talking about?

I do! I do and I know him well! He is as good a fan as there is...

So what would you say to selling the yellow body suits at the BC book store? 

(laughs) You know what, if someone would want to sell them, I'm sure that we would license them and you'll have to talk to Follett. I don't decide what goes in the book store up there. We have allowed Follett to run it for us and they run it for the school also and so you'll have to talk to them. But as far as...I would recommend they sell them. I think that they're neat...

If there were 100-200 Superfans in those suits...

...there would be. I know there would be...

...It would certainly increase our home field/home court advantage...

I think so too.

(laughs) Another completely off topic question that I've been asking lately: One nerdy fact about yourself that not many people know.

Nerdy fact about ME that not many people know???

...completely nerdy...

Gosh! Oh man...I don't know let me think about that one. I've got a lot of them. I've got a lot of them.

The think I do most often is I end up talking to myself, and I'll be out walking and I'm talking. And when my daughter was in school here she said "Dad, the kids look at you and we laugh, 'cause you're talking to yourself." And I do. Sometimes instead of just thinking I just start talking aloud my thoughts. So that's one nerdy thing I do and the other one is if I'm going someplace, I think about this job 24/7, and it happens to me so many times that I'll go by the exit and not even know that I've gone by; or I'll be thinking about something and go the wrong way. And I have to (laughs) say "hey wait a minute! I'm not at the office yet..."

So I have a few reader questions too...Just a few...So Billy, who's a senior here, say's "Definitely see if the Under Armor football pregame video can be replaced by the 2009 one. That's got to be the reason our team is coming out flat at the beginning of home games."

Well first off, I don't think our team came out flat in the home games. You know we had a very, very difficult home schedule this year. I mean we had Virginia Tech at home, Clemson at home, Notre Dame at home. We certainly didn't come out flat in the first two games. So, I don't think that's necessarily the truth, but I will make that recommendation that we go back to something closer to what we did in 2009 than in 2010.

The 2009 one was pretty awesome...

Alright, we'll go back to there.

Another reader was asking: "Any future scheduling plans? Specifically, any chance we soon get a game at Gillette?" 

No. For a number of reasons, we're not interested in taking a game to Gillette. First of all, I think you lose the home field advantage. If we lost by a point, or a field goal, I have to go into that locker room and face those players and those coaches. And to know that I took a field goal away or a home, you know, advantage away...That wouldn't be fair to them.

Another reason is that college football is meant to be played on campus. And this is a great setting for college football. And the third thing is that we really don't want students driving back and forth where alcohol's involved. Not everybody partakes, but some of them do, and it's much easier for them to walk back to their room than it is to drive 45 minutes and so for those, and a lot of other reasons, Michael, we're going to play our home games here.

Is there any chance, with the NFL lockout, that any BC games get moved to Sunday.

Television would determine that. We don't determine those things. Television tells us when we play and people sometimes think that I can pick the game times. I don't. Television tells us 12 days out what time we're going to play the game. Some of the game, that are not televised, I can pick the time. If a game's not televised, we're going to play at one o'clock because I think that's when football is meant to be played, at one o'clock. And, again, because that's the time that the players, and the coaches, like to play games. I just think that when you make decisions, you make decisions with the players in mind. Not the fans, not the alumns, but for the players, and so we'll play at one o'clock. But, we'll have very, very. very few home games that won't be televised so TV will tell us when to play. And if they say "play on Sunday," I'm sure we'll play on Sunday. (laughs)

(laughs) And then the last reader question was "why the drop in the price of the donor-based parking passes?" 

Well, I'll tell you what, the drop in the economy has had an effect. It has. And it just hasn't had an effect on us, its had an effect everywhere and there are two things that I think have effected college athletics and professional athletics. Number one is the economy. A lot of people are still out of work. A lot of people have had very. very difficult times and you know the first thing you cut, when you're going through difficult times, is your recreation and that.

And the other thing I think that's hurt us is the high definition TV. I mean you can be right in the huddle, with the quarterback. You can almost read his lips you're so close. And so that's effected us and so rather than keep the prices the same, we'll lower the prices and give people an opportunity to come. Just makes sense to me...

Makes a lot of sense to me too...Well, that's all the questions I think I had. I don't want to take up too much of your time...

No, it's good! How do we shut this thing off? 

(Editor's note: Like what you've been reading lately with these interviews? I posted a new fan poll to see which high profile BC sports guy I should try to get an interview with next. Make your voice heard!)


  1. Really great series of articles on this interview. My favorite GDF answer was about Foxboro. With that talk I've always been afraid of us showing up to 24,000 BC fans, and between 0-50,000 opponent fans. But what I like about it is that he's not chasing the money. So many decisions in the athletic department are around corporate elbows and advertising and money, but this is something that just benefits the students and benefits the players. I like our stadium and I like our campus, so I'm perfectly happy to play all of our games at Alumni.

  2. Next basketball related interview should be Malcomb Huckaby. He will likely be very honest and candid.

    Next football related interview should be Mike Siravo to discuss recruiting, or Ben Sirmans to disguise running backs talk as getting to an honest assessment about recent O'Line play.

    For hockey, I'd rather hear from Mike Cavanaugh about his commitment sticking at BC through the York era and not moving to a head job elsewhere. I feel like a York interview we know what he'll say.

  3. Interesting suggestions for the next few interviews. I agree that Mike Siravo would be a really interesting interview, especially since BC recruiting seemed to pick up last year. Mike Cavanaugh would also be a great read because his insights on the hockey team would be pretty deep and his loyalty to BC is impeccable. Is Malcomb Huckaby still involved with BC???

  4. Malcomb Huckaby does the color commentary for every BC game on the radio. Jon Meterparel does the play-by-play.

    They're new to it this year, we replaced Ted Sarandis and Bill Ebben.

  5. I have to say I really like the idea of having CFB on both days on the much as I dig NFL football, having it be replaced by 4x the number of games on a Sunday would be just fine by me.


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