Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Game Today!!!

Spring game today! Get your football fix in either by showing up to Alumni or by checking here for a recap and analysis later tonight (or both). Top five players I'm really excited to see in action today:

1. John Wetzel: Can the new LT protect Chase Rettig? How much tight end help will he get? Is he quick enough to help out on runs to the right side? So many questions...

2. Jim Noel: What position will he be playing? Over/under 2 interceptions?

3. Albert Louis-Jean: Easily the most exciting recruit from last year's class (sorry Suntrup). Will he make a push to be the number three CB or will he be stuck as a dime package/special teams player? Any chance of a red shirt?

4. Steele Divitto: How much weight did he pack on so far in the off-season? Will he start at linebacker?

5. All of the RGs: Intrigue at the spring game! Who will become our new RG? My bet is on Harris but it will be really interesting to see who gets the start today.

Headed down to the morning breakfast with the football players. Hope we get to sit with Chase...

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