Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekly Stock Report

We haven't done this in a while, but welcome to your weekly stock report, brought to you by your friends at Around the Res.

Stock Up
  1. John Wetzel: At 6-8 and 303, he clearly sounds like he has the physical capability to play LT. The question will be whether or not Wetzel has the correct technique and fast enough feet. The coaches seem to think so, and his spot on the depth chart appears to be secured, which is good enough for me to pencil him into the starting lineup. The biggest question right now will be RT, as there are three players competing for the top spot. Wetzel will be expected to hold his own next year against top ACC talent, so he's definitely one of the players I'm going to be watching during the spring game. I have a lot of confidence that Wetzel will get the job done this year because of his size, connections to Anthony Castonzo, and the fact that he will now have all summer to prepare for his role. Furthermore, it sound like Rogers is planning to implement a real play action this year, which will take a lot of pressure off the line. Hopefully Wetzel was paying attention last year, because he has big shoes to fill, which brings me to my next point...
  2. Anthony Castonzo: After seeming to slip a little bit in the past few weeks, several scouting agencies have reaffirmed that Castonzo is the top LT in the draft, which makes me wonder even more why he was forced to play guard in the senior bowl. In the best case scenario, he goes at number 9 to the Cowboys, but I just don't see a tackle being taken in the top 10. Look for him to be off the board by 15 though, even if USC's Tyon Smith is drafted first. Zero chance he makes it into the 20s.
  3. Women's Hockey: In our GDF interview, it was announced that the women's hockey team would be receiving two additional scholarships. More scholarships equals more wins right? Right??? Well we can only hope that the additional two scholarships will put Coach King and her team over the top and straight into a National Championship. I'm definitely bullish on this program right now though and can't wait to see them play next year.
Stock Down
  1. Reggie Jackson: After he declared for the draft, some pundits were reporting that they thought Reggie might be a fringe lottery pick. I was surprised by that news, to be perfectly honest, and initially included him in our preview for next year's team. After a few weeks of mocks, Reggie's status seems to be much less clear, and a few mocks have him slipping into the second round, and one doesn't have him drafted at all. I think if he's a fringe first round pick he needs to come back for another year, but more on that later in the week.
  2. Chase Rettig: Rettig's outing in the last scrimmage was not as bad as the box score would suggest, but it sounds like the pressure of the defense was starting to get to him a little bit. I didn't see the scrimmage first hand so I have to wonder if the offensive line play was a little more suspect this time out. Bottom line though, is that Chase threw two interceptions in two attempts at running a two minute offense. We have fast receivers capable of making a few moves after the catch so I wonder why Rogers didn't call more underneath routes.
  3. 2 Minute Offense: Death, taxes, and a terrible two minute offense are three things you can count on at BC. Ever since Matt Ryan left the two minute offense has been dreadful. Rogers has to figure out how to get a no huddle offense functioning at some point, but I don't think it will be high up on his list this year. We need to get back to the basics; protecting the quarterback, creating movement on running plays, catching the ball when the quarterback hits you in the hands, and not trying to throw 40-yard bombs off your back foot. This isn't going to be a one year turnaround for Rogers so look for him to address the basics before moving to solving the two minute offense.


  1. I've missed the Weekly Stock Report. Good to see it back.

  2. Thanks! I wasn't sure if people liked it or not. Look out for the debut of another series tomorrow, called "Chalkboard Tuesdays." The plan is to go in depth about one aspect of BC sports each week. Tomorrow we start with the O-line!


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