Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another Recruit For Donahue

I noted way back in my analysis of Mike's interview with GDF that it seemed like he was insinuating at least one more recruit would be added later in the year. Well, that time has come — Donahue has apparently added Patrick Heckmann, a 6-5 guard from Germany, as the final piece of this year's large recruiting class. In the Skinner years, BC rarely (if ever) (Update: The guys at BC Interruption pointed out Skinner actually did recruit two foreign players in the early 00's: Ludmil Hadjisotirov—who transferred to Maine after his sophomore season—and Kirsten Zollner, who also transferred after his sophomore season, this time to Albany) dipped its toe into the international recruiting waters, so it's interesting to see Donahue doing so early on. Only time will tell if this is a recurring theme or just an example of Donahue taking the best available player regardless.

Either way, I really hope he dominates at least one game in his BC career so the opposing school's newspaper can lead the sports section with the headline "What the Heck, Mann?"

Update: After the jump I've included some YouTube videos of Heckmann from his games in Germany.

 Going up for a massive block:

And here he runs to the point, dishes the ball, then runs behind his defender for an alley-oop:

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  1. We had the extra scholarship because of Reggie. I'm okay with using it on a guy like this. Wouldn't have had the scholarship otherwise so we might as well take a risk on an international guy and see how it pans out.


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