Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some Favorite BC Sport Memories

Since the Class of 2011 graduated 8 days ago, I thought this was a good time to reflect back on my time at BC (it’s already been a year since I graduated?!?) and more specifically some of my best sports related memories while in school. Before I list my top three memories and what they mean to me, I’ll be perfectly honest – I do have some bias towards football and basketball. It’s not that I dislike hockey (I really enjoyed seeing BC win 2 National Championships during my time at school) it’s just I grew up playing football and basketball so these sports mean just a little bit more to me. Without further ado, my top 3 sports related memories at BC:

1. Storming the Court vs. Duke 2/15/09 – When I think of college sports, I’ve always envisioned myself storming the court after a huge win or rushing to tear down the goal posts after a football game (this is almost impossible at BC thanks to their efforts to take down the posts .0003 seconds after every game). This game vs. Duke satisfied one of my goals. Even before I came to BC I hated Duke – I never liked them and I could always pinpoint one player I could not stand no matter what (Redick, Paulus, Singler). BC was down 5 at the half and I felt the inevitable “BC collapse” coming and Duke running away with it in the second half. As the 2nd half progressed though, BC not only was still there, they took a small lead with a few minutes to go. Then Duke took it back until BC pulled away in the final 2 minutes. As we started lining up to rush the court with 12 seconds left as Trapani was shooting FTs, I’ve never heard Conte so loud. We stormed the court and celebrated BC’s first win vs. Duke since joining the ACC. 

2. “The Miracle in Blacksburg” 10/25/07 – I wasn’t there in person for this memory but watching the end of the game with my roommates and then starting a celebration in the Mods right after, makes it ok I wasn’t there for the game. The first 55 minutes were not for the weak of heart – it was ugly football with only ten Hokie points and BC looking rather unimpressive. However, Matty Ice started the comeback with a 92 yard drive that ended with a TD pass to Gunnell and then BC recovered the onside kick. At this point, I’d like to note I went to high-five someone and accidentally missed and gave him a black eye (sorry Steve!). Once the comeback was complete (see the video for the call of the TD to Callender – I still get goosebumps watching it), Alex and I ran down from the 5th floor of Edmonds to the Mods where a spontaneous celebration started around us. People showering everyone in beer, the band showing up with Baldwin and playing For Boston, Baldwin crowd surfing, and the march to the football field. One night I will never forget. 

3.  Thursday Night Football game vs. Virginia Tech 10/12/06 - This was big time or so it was to all of us on Keyes 3 South before this game - the first big football as BC freshman. A Thursday game vs. VT under the lights and the national news of BC using Steve Aponavicius, a walk on kicker, just added to the suspense. My floor went all out for this game – our RA set up a program so we had tons of free food and our pregame started sometime around 3. We brought out the body paint – six of us each took a letter to spell E-A-G-L-E-S and we made sure to get there early to get a front row spot on the sideline to get the TV network’s attention. Well I dare say it worked as Erin Andrews (yes that Erin Andrews) came back and snapped a picture with us. The game was great – BC dominated VT and Aponavicius got to shine with 2 FG’s and 2 XP’s. 

Let's hear it in the comments - What are some of your favorite BC sports memories while you were at school?


  1. I am an old bastard. Graduated in 1990. I didn't have many great BC sports memories. We sucked in everything. But we did beat Providence (later went to the Final 4 coached by Pitino) in 1987. Ted Kelley shoved Marty Conlon to get an offensive rebound and scored at the buzzer. BC 67, PC 66. We stormed the court at the old Boston Garden.

  2. Both double OT games before the VT game that year were much better games.

    But I understand choosing the Thursday night game for obvious (Erin...oh mamma) reasons.

  3. The Clemson game that year where Dunbar blocked the extra point made my honorable mention list especially cause it was the first football game my class saw. Talk about a classic for your first game!

  4. I'll always remember my first BC football game. First full day on campus and got to watch Matty Ice through 5 TDs and 400 yds (after his first pass resulted in a pick-six). BC's dominant shutout of ND at home in 2008, picking off Clausen four times, was one of my favorites. Mark Herzlich announcing he was cancer free on College Gameday in Dustbowl, then leading the team onto the field later that day against Florida State, was very memorable. Montel Harris (born and raised not far from Tallahassee) made it even more so by running over his childhood team that refused to recruit him out of high school.

    No one's mentioned hockey (our best sport) yet. Some of my favorite memories: beating BU in the Beanpot this year (only semis, but the Garden was electric that night), Joe Whitney's Bobby Orr goal to send us to the Frozen Four in '08, and beating ND for the championship in '08.


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