Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kuechly for Heisman

A certain writer over at ESPN recently announced the top three Heisman hopefuls for the ACC, and Luke Kuechly posted at number three.  It is highly unlikely that Luke gains any traction in the Heisman race, especially considering the fact that Matty Ice took BC as high as number two in the nation and still didn't even get an invitation to New York.  Oh, by the way, he was also the best quarterback in the nation that year, and is proving it every day in Atlanta.  So, what would it take for Luke to at least get an invitation to New York this year? 

There are three factors that I think would have to happen for Kuechly to get an invite.  First, he would have to break the NCAA single-season tackle record.  For a LB to win the Heisman over the top players at glamor positions, his play must be truly incredible.  A LB rarely has the appearance of being the "most outstanding player in college football" so he needs to give the voters something to hang their hat on when they make a leap of faith in him.  Second, BC is going to have to win 10 games, minimum.  That's a tall task for this group of guys, but if they somehow reach that mark, it will be on the back of the defense and Luke will likely get a lot of the credit.

The third factor which I think would have to happen is massive alumni involvement.  Frankly, there is very little media buzz around BC football, and Gene D and the alumni would have to team up to create that buzz.  The only way Luke gets enough media attention to force writers to take notice of his play is if the athletic department is somehow able to create a Joey Harrington type campaign to get Heisman votes.  By that I mean a campaign that spends north of one million dollars to get the media's attention on Kuechly.  Some crazy ideas if we raise that kind of money?  How about a Joey Harrington-esque banner hanging from the green monster in late September or early October?  What about a banner on government center, the Hancock tower, or another Boston icon?

The obvious question then becomes: How does BC raise that kind of money with a lethargic alumni base?  Let's start with alumni involvement.  Getting 20,000 donations at 20 dollars each would give BC a nice start at 400K.  That sounds like an insurmountable number of donations but considering how many fans show up to Alumni to see the Eagle play each week, it can be done.  E-mail campaigns, tables inside Alumni on gamedays, and other gimmicks might do the trick.  Under Armour might be willing to chip in as well, especially if that banner on the green monster has their logo prominently displayed.  Other companies might be willing to chip in for advertisements on the fringe of the banner.  We would also need some "big-time" donations, probably about ten donations in the five or six figure range.  This sounds improbable, but I think the richer alumns might be more willing to open their wallets if they could immediately see the result of their donation though.

What do you think? Would you be willing to donate 20 bucks to see this campaign succeed?   Think about the impact this would have on recruiting even if LK never even got a vote through this campaign.  A campaign like this would likely result in the best recruiting class in years.

I know this will never happen but I can dream right?


  1. To get noticed by Heisman folks -- an 8-0 BC team beats an undefeated FSU on Thursday night with the entire country watching and Luke has 18 tackles (4 for Loss), 2 INTs, 2 fumbles caused.

  2. Mike, I love it, but my 20 dollars (everyone's $400,000...) could go to financial aid. How do I justify sacrificing financial aid for football?

  3. Your 20 dollars certainly could go towards financial aid. I would imagine much of the money/time/effort you spend on BC sports could be given to any number of worthy and charitable causes. Doesn't mean there's not a time and place to direct them towards BC sports (or any other hobby for that matter)


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