Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend Thoughts

A lot of small things have happened over the past few days so please accept this mini-post as a humble offering to get you through a slow Sunday.

  • Alex Albright's stock continues to rise.  In the latest two mock-roster selections, Albright made the team both times.  Find ESPN's projections here and SB Nation's here. Albright did not play particularly well on Thursday night's game according to the box score, registering just two tackles, one solo.  I say that because I couldn't see any of the game, and the box score rarely tells all the story.
  • Things are not looking as rosy for former BC guard Thomas Claiborne.  He is currently listed as the third-string right guard on the first depth chart issued by the Bucs.  Realistically, he's going to need to pass at least one guard, and possibly two, on the depth chart if he hopes to become a backup this year.  At worst, I do think he will get signed by a practice squad somewhere (Pitt?).  He has too much potential and had a great rep heading into 2010.  I understand that this is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately league but let's be honest here; he didn't suddenly forget how to play his position.  I think he could make a decent NFL backup, just not necessarily with the Bucs because they already have a lot of good, young interior linemen.  I'm going to try to get an interview with him at some point this week so feel free to hold your breath.
  • Mark Herzlich plays in his first preseason game of the year tonight, so be sure to try and tune in.  I don't think that Mark is in serious danger of getting cut, but he does need to show some decent speed during a game setting to reassure people that he is fully recovered.  He's been getting a lot of media coverage in New York, and even my local newspaper ran a human interest piece on him two weeks ago. 
  • There is a serious chance that the ACC will lose either Florida State or Clemson in the coming weeks.  If you had to part with one school, who would it be and why?  Personally, I would rather lose FSU simply because I've come to really enjoy the Clemson fans who travel to Chestnut Hill.  Not something I can say about the FSU fans...
  • Lastly, as to the stripe on the helmet.  I don't like it but I'm not really upset about it either.  If the stripe on the helmet is the biggest problem we have this year, then I think we're in for a darned good season.  The old helmet only dates back to 1991, and I'm not a fashionista, but from my vague understanding of these things there isn't much to be proud of in terms of early 90s fashion.  I generally love the stained-glass theme simply because I think it encompasses BC's tradition and what the institution tries to accomplish far better than anything else the athletic department has come up with in 50 years.  I think this is an instance where we're pushing that theme a little too far, but if BC tries to take that stripe out after BC fans watch a highlight film of Rettig pumping his fist after throwing a dagger touchdown pass to Swiggert in South Bend, people will be rioting in the streets.  What do you think?  Would you be more likely to warm up to the stripe if BC has a very successful season (ACC Championship Game or beyond)?


  1. Im back, and will be posting as well soon. Just felt that I should put a few thoughts on conference reorganization here (Ill have a more extensive post later). FSU would be the team that would be a huge blow to lose, FSU brings the potential to have a second program with VT in the top 10 every season which could in effect rebuild the conference to what it was originally thought to be: below the SEC, but a true power football conference. Clemson on the other hand would not be a significant short term loss, since neither their basketball program or football program (so long as Dabo stays there) is anything special.

  2. While Dabo is certainly an awful coach Clemson does have the potential to become a perennial top 10-15 team with the talent it pulls in. My first choice is, of course, for both teams to stay put. Obviously that may not be an option but I do feel the ACC has a legitimate chance to be the power conference it can be if Clemson/Miami get it together.

  3. Completely agree that we should try to keep the conference together as much as possible. In the meantime, do you think that the ACC should be more proactive in trying to become a power conference? It seems like we're sitting back and waiting for things to unfold, but what if we were to expand to 14 or 16? What teams would you realistically target? Pitt? 'Cuse? I think we're waiting out the storm because we're considered the 4th best conference right now behind the SEC Pac-12 and Big 10, but I find it hard to believe that we have zero cards to play here.

  4. Pitt and Cuse would definitely be great additions. It would be nice to have afew more schools further north in the ACC


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