Thursday, September 15, 2011

Afternoon Link

It's not often that you get a piece of quality reporting out there about BC athletics.  This article pretty much explains how I feel about BC football right now.  Unfortunately, BC students are forgetting how amazing this football program was just a few short years ago.  Consider the fact that there are no undergraduates on campus who witnessed the 2007 season and that only the current seniors remember a coach other than Spaz.  If we're trying to build an avid student and alumni fan base, we're really close to losing an entire "generation" (or four years) of BC alumni who will look back on their undergraduate days remembering a good, or at least quality, football program.  That's a scary thought...

One of the things this article didn't say is that Luke Kuechly is still playing special teams...

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  1. Wow. All I can say is Wow. That article was spot on. It hurts to read it, but it's true through and through. As an alum who now works for BC, it is, indeed, strange to look at this program now and speak with current freshman about my time at BC when Matt Ryan was at the helm, walking into a packed student section 15 minutes before kickoff, and looking forward to a win at home. Let's hope Spaz and Co. can pull of a win tomorrow (knock on wood), otherwise, yes, big administrative changes need to happen.

    Thanks for posting this one, ATR.


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