Saturday, September 17, 2011

BC Goes Down

The big news of the day is not that BC lost to Duke, but that Syracuse and Pitt applied to the ACC.  We'll have more on that later, because this is going to be a major development for ACC Athletics.  I really think this increases our long-shot chances of scooping up Texas and Texas Tech, but more on that later...

BC lost to Duke in a really bad way today.  We missed a field goal and an extra point, but Duke was clearly the better team today, no question about it.  It was an incredibly ugly overall performance;  minimal protection from the offensive line, no pressure from the defensive line, Rettig was inaccurate, and our linebackers were good but a little sloppy at times.  These are all things we've discussed before, so I'm not going to go through them again.

The fans today were, by and large, amazing.  They packed the stadium well in excess of what the blogging community was predicting, and they deserve to be commended.  I was walking around the res this morning at 8:15, and actually ran into some early tailgaters.  That's some serious tailgating and some serious dedication.  Why BC doesn't give free season tickets to the best tailgaters each year is beyond me.  Start some friendly competition because there isn't any on the field right now...

I will note that Spaz drew some loud boos as he walked off the field this afternoon.  I feel that it's always unacceptable to boo our players, because they are student athletes, and I generally feel like its unacceptable to boo BC coaches as well.  Spaz has been here a long time, and has shown incredible loyalty to the program.  Don't forget that Tom O'Brien wanted Spaz to leave for Nc. St. with him and he chose to stay in Chestnut Hill.  I don't think this year has weighed more heavily on anyone than it has Spaz, so I am hoping that he gets the respect he has earned as he finishes his final days at BC.

There really is no question that a change needs to be made right now.  I'm not sure that the athletic department will make the change in-season, but they will definitely make the change at the end of the season if not now.  I would ideally like to see Brock immediately promoted to HC and Day promoted to Offensive Coordinator for the rest of the season.  If Rogers was still here, he would have been the obvious replacement.

I expect the athletic department to have all of the usual spin on why things are difficult for Spaz or why he needs to be given more time, but if the athletic department honestly believes that the current coaching arrangement is still working out, then there needs to be serious changes at the top of the athletic program.  Difficult circumstances, injuries, and unforeseen events happen to everyone.  The only people making excuses are those who don't perform well under those situations, and I don't want someone like that running BC football.

Let's go through some of the excuses now:

The defense only allowed 20 points, and Spaz doesn't control the offense.

Okay let's break this one down into two parts.  First, the defense.  The defense allowed 465 yards of offense today to a terrible Duke team.  This is a Duke team that lost to Richmond just last week.  The yards Duke gained should have been turned into more than 20 points.  Also, the BC offense didn't turn the ball over today, which should have made the defense's job even easier.  Furthermore, Duke would have likely scored more points had it not been for a lucky interception in the BC red zone and for the fact that Duke has a horrific field goal kicker.

Second, the offense.  Spaz doesn't know enough about the offense to control its day to day operations.  I get that.  There are very few complete football coaches out there anymore; guys who really understand both sides of the ball well.  Here's the thing though.  When you take over as HC, you either need to know enough about the offense to make it successful yourself, or you need to hire staff who can get that job done.  If you don't put personnel in the position to succeed coaching wise, then you really haven't done your job.  Imagine the CEO of Ford motors trying to excuse a terrible product by saying that he doesn't know much about designing cars or the efficient functioning of an assembly line.  It doesn't matter.  It's your job to find someone who does.

We're only a few points away from being 2-1.

Yeah, but we're not, and we can play this game all day.  Take the Duke game for instance.  Had Freese not unluckily missed a short field goal and an extra point attempt, we win that game.  But you still want to keep the lucky interception in the BC red zone right?  So what you're basically saying is that if literally everything broke our way we would have beaten Duke.  Doesn't that say it all?  Our football program is so bad that we need EVERYTHING to break our way to beat DUKE.  Not a valid excuse.

We're rebuilding.  The cupboard was really bare for Spaz.

When Spaz took over the program, we were one year removed from a Top 10 finish.  One year.  Maybe this was a rebuilding project but not in the same sense that Duke, Army, and Wake are rebuilding projects.  Not even close.  In addition, this is year three, and things are still getting worse, not better.  No good coach is still getting worse in year three.

Here's the bottom line...I really believe that GDF has the humility to admit that this isn't working right now and that there needs to be a change before things get any worse.  If we don't get our act together up top, recruits are going to start jumping ship, and the morale will sink in the locker room.  I really hope that Spaz resigns, with some kind of buyout contract with BC, but I'm not sure he's ready to give up on his players yet.

Just an absolutely terrible day on the heights...


  1. This feels like rock bottom for BC football, but the way the team is playing now has me worried that next week against UMass (who will be absolutely psyched for the game against the dying Eagles) could be even worse. Really good point about playing the "if" game with the kicking.

    You mentioned the ideal solution would be to replace Spaz with Brock mid-season, but do you think that it would dissuade other coaching candidates from BC if we fired the (very loyal) coach after a 0-3 start? Or would waiting out the season only be drawing out it out and allowing things to continue in the downward spiral? Granted, the 0-3 start comes after two seasons of increasingly bad football...

  2. UMass played us tough last time and they will probably hang tight next week as well. I don't think that firing Spaz would dissuade other coaching candidates. The standard is set: If you lose to Duke, you get fired.


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