Thursday, September 15, 2011

Best Alternative Option

We previously discussed that one of the factors in BC making a change at the HC position would be the likely available alternatives.  To help further that discussion, we're bringing in our resident college football expert, Mike C., into the discussion to talk about which coaches would be on BC's radar if they decide to change things up.  Mike, give me realistic candidates who we could be interested in should we make a change.  You're allowed to speculate on coaches you expect to be fired as well (*cough* Mark Ritch *cough*)...

Unfortunately a lot of the coaches who were on the radar during the 08 search have been gobbled up by other programs: Brian Kelly, Steve London, Al Golden all have big program jobs and are expected to stay. However there are still some interesting candidates (note: not an exhaustive list by any means):

College Coaches:
Steve Addazio - Was the Offensive Coordinator at Florida and was considered in '08 when replacing Jags. Took the Temple HC job in the offseason and seemingly has Temple on the trajectory that Al Golden had them on before leaving for Miami (2-0 in the MAC).There were some questions about his time at UF as offensive coordinator but is generally well thought of. Would jump at the BC job the moment it was offered - he's been interested for a while.
Skip Holtz - Probably a homerun hire that would come with a fairly significant payday. Holtz has USF on a path towards dominance in the Big East ala Brian Kelly at Cincinnati. Will probably leave USF after this season and would necessitate a quick fire and hire. Pretty clearly a coach on the rise. Has strong ties to the New England region and has decent connections in traditional ACC football recruiting territories. Would want a lot of money, but will almost certainly be available at the end of this season (as well as the ability to hire his complete staff).
Mike Leach - Built one of the most prolific offenses in college football history. Would imagine he wouldn't be on BC's list due to his scandal at Texas Tech but he absolutely should be. The scandal was overblown, hes still young, and despite his book and other jobs, I have to imagine hes itching to getting back to coaching. His price is anyone's guess.
Mark Stoops - currently the DC at FSU and the youngest of the Stoops family - enough said.

Pro Coaches:
First of all I know, Gene said that he wouldn't go back to the NFL again, but he very well might be gone as well, along with some stupid idea that there's something wrong with hiring a NFL coach.
Josh McDaniels - From the Bill Belichick tree. Despite his failure in Denver, McDaniels is an absolutely brilliant offensive mind who also happens to be a great QB coach and developer as well. He's still very young and his energy and pro background would make him popular among recruits. Kraft is a member of the Board of Trustees and I would have to imagine that he would be in support. He would be looking to go back to the NFL quickly, but the college game would be helpful to him in proving that he can be the head guy.
Pete Carmichael - BC grad and current NO Saints OC. Hard to tell how much of the Saints offense is Sean Payton and how much is Pete since Payton still calls the plays. However, seems to be a fast riser in the NFL coaching circles.

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