Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Morning Ramblings

Tomorrow we play UMass.  Either we get our first win of the season or we kiss all remaining sense of decency and self-respect good bye.

  • From GDF's twitter: "Coach Spaz bought lunch today for our entire maintenance crew. He is constantly making these kinds of thoughtful gestures."  Are we really to the point that we've resorted to the "but he's a nice guy" defense?  Okay, technically they're not using it as a defense per se but nonetheless the athletic department is using PR resources to point out what a nice guy Spaz is in order to buy him some goodwill with the fans.  Again, there's a reason they make you read John Steinbeck in high school...
  • Of course, nothing I could have written there could possibly have been as funny as the obvious response tweet by @ACal6888 "Hahahahah RT : Thoughtful gestures. Like letting the other team win to make them feel good about themselves?"
  • I wonder how GDF feels knowing that literally every tweet he makes regarding the football team/coach at this point will result in ten snarky reply tweets.  
  • On another note: Mike Leach. 
  • If I start writing the name "Mike Leach" into this blog over and over again do you think that could work subliminally on Father Leahy and GDF?  It's worth a try...
  • I had the chance to watch the women's soccer team beat Maryland 2-1 last night on NESN.  For most of the game, it looked like BC wouldn't score, but they figured out a way to come from behind and pull off the upset.  Vicki DiMartino put in the winning score on a long assist from around midfield.  I'm not really sure what the Maryland defense was doing because the ball not only hit the ground untouched, but bounced, split multiple Maryland defenders, and DiMartino was able to bet behind it and put it in.  At first glance I thought she was off-sides but it was a good no-call by the refs. 
  • I loved the enthusiastic celebration on the BC sidelines with the game winning goal. 
  • I also watched Cincinnati beat NC State 44-14.  Tom O'Brien looked miserable and has to be on the hot seat after getting taken to the wood shed by a big east school. 
  • Keep an eye on Cincinnati head coach Butch Jones when we begin our head coaching search.  Jones has Cincinnati off to a 3-1 start, with a forgivable loss to Tennessee.  Also, Jones was HC over at Central Michigan when they were good for a few years.  While he wouldn't be my first choice for the job, I think he could do well at BC.  Realistically, Cincinnati is better than BC right now so my guess is that we would almost certainly improve if we hired him.  Of course, that could be said about a lot of coaches right now.
  • Mike Leach. 
  • Prediction for  tomorrow's game? Sure, why not...BC 24 UMass 17 (predictions on the year: 1-1)

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  1. I want nothing to do with Leach but your other ramblings gave me a good laugh. I'm going to use the "let the other team win so they can feel better about themselves" comment in the future.


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