Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon Musings

I've decided to make a Tuesday afternoon article out of some of the thoughts I've had this weekend.  None of them are long enough for a separate article so they're going to have to live together.

  • The Tom O'Brien divorce is looking worse and worse for both sides.  Watching Russel Wilson tear things up in Wisconsin is going to put the former Marine on the hot-seat at NC State.  BC, meanwhile, isn't exactly clicking on all cylinders either, and might be in the market for a new head coach at the end of the season if things don't turn around.  Reunion? Kidding kidding...
  • Interesting proposal for BC fans: There were a lot of people looking for GDF to show O'Brien the door after a somewhat disappointing 2006 season, myself included.  Let's say for the sake of argument that if TOB had stayed with BC, we would have been ranked in the top 25, but never higher than 20, at the end of each football season for the past four years.  Would you rather have consistently good, but not great seasons, or would you rather have that magical 2007 season with the disappointing results which followed? 
  • I'd probably still take the Jags 2007 season and the disappointments which followed, but I know a lot of BC students who feel otherwise right now...I can't remember a time in my life that I loved being a BC student more.
  • BC lost a really great receiver in Momah, and I do think this will hamper our offense the rest of the way.  Momah was the only receiver consistently dominating the defense on Saturday, and his effort on the running plays was commendable as well.  I'm shocked that he's out for the year considering the fact that he walked off the field under his own power.  This is a really big loss for BC.  There's just no way to sugarcoat it.
  • Does the loss of Momah change BC's thinking in regards to Montel?  I think it should because this team is not going to the Orange Bowl as it currently stands.  BC needs to ask itself what it wants as a program right now.  If the goal is honestly to win an Orange Bowl, then I think keeping Montel out for a year is a no-brainer.  If the goal is to be respectable this year and to build some momentum for next year, then I can see bringing him back.  BC doesn't have the tradition of ND, Clemson, or some other schools so there are only so many more "rebuilding" seasons we can take before we will suffer consequences on the trail.
  • Do you want Spaz making the ultimate decision on Harris?  Will his judgment be compromised by pressure to win now or lose his job?  What other options do we have?
  • I don't understand why we don't have "Gold Outs."  Literally every other college with major sports figures out how to get everyone wearing the same color on the same day, except us.  The marketing people have the e-mail addresses of everyone who buys tickets.  E-mail everyone everyday for a week prior to the game telling them to wear gold to the game, and then provide a link to a SuperFan shirt so that they can buy one and then pick it up at the stadium, alleviating the need for shipping.
  • I thought our recruiting class was a little lean but considering the fact that Rivals no longer has BC in the top 50, I'm getting a little concerned.  We currently rank 9th in the ACC, which is also not a good sign.  I understand the confidence BC has in its coaching staff but they have to have something to work with.
  • Notre Dame started the year over-ranked again.  How many times do you need to be over-ranked to start the season before voters begin to realize that they make the same mistake every year?  Apparently a lot.
  • The ESPN short on Welles Crowther, posted by Eagle in Atlanta, was incredible.  I walk by his name everyday on my way to the plex and remembering how he spent his final few moments definitely challenges me to ask some of the bigger questions in life.  Everyone should show up and support the Red Bandanna Run this year.  You don't have to actually run, just show up and give some respect to an amazing BC grad who none of us will ever equal.


  1. Mike, I completely agree with you regarding the gold out. Sitting in alumni and looking at the student section, it's a no brainer. Why not get some company to sponsor gold T-Shirts to be passed out at the gates for a big game? A certain Thursday night in early November comes to mind...

    One other point. I too wondered about sitting Montel for the year in the hopes he and Momah both come back strong/healthy in 2012. I wonder what other fans think about the potential spaz conflict of interest. Its a valid question to ask. It seems to me though, that regardless of how secure a coach's job is, he's unlikely to forgo the services of a star player that can contribute in the current season. I'd probably extend that and ask how likely is a head coach willing to sacrifice wins one year for wins the next. It seems that even really secure coaches' rarely plan like that.

  2. I think if you had nuns and Navy Seals walking around to each seat helping fans put on their gold shirt, you'd still get less than 15% of the attendees to go along. BC fans are too apathetic (overall, a small number of die hards), and too many Bostonians aren't BC fans.

  3. Mike, we had a gold out for Herzlich (the "Beat Cancer" Shirts). Probably 5% of the fanbase wore gold, it was embarrassing. If BC wants to get this started, then they need to do like the Miami Heat and just give away the T-Shirts to every fan in the stands.

    I'm sure we could come up with a creative way to get this done without paying too much to the producer, but, well, Gene D is in charge and I'm sure it won't happen.

  4. It was also pouring rain all day and throughout that game for the gold out....


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