Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday Morning Ramblings

It's Wednesday morning.  Get over this day and you're more than half way through the week.  In the meantime, here's a blog post to keep you occupied at work...

  • I was really excited that the Globe asked GDF about Spaz's job status, thinking that it would give the athletic director an opportunity to slowly back away from the mustache.  Go ahead, Gene, let him have it! "Spaz is a terrific coach and doing a great job." Wait, WHAT???!!!!................oooooohhhhhhhhhhh (wink wink).  See, this is why they make you read John Steinbeck in high school, because this is an Of Mice and Men Moment, where everything was fine between Lennie and George until all of a sudden it wasn't....
  • I think if we lose to UMass this week there will be no choice, Gene will have to fire Spaz or face the rioting crowds with torches outside his office.  That being said, if we beat UMass, I have to think that Spaz makes it through the season before getting fired.  Is it bad that I'm trying to think about whether or not that creates a conflict of rooting interests this week?
  • Also, before making a prediction this week, I actually had to research the UMass football team to see how they're doing.  I can't say I've ever had to do that with an FCS opponent before.  UMass beat Holy Cross 24-16 and Rhode Island 36-27.  Two wins, neither in convincing fashion, so I have to think that BC walks away with a W this week.  Don't get used to it because it will be our only one all season.
  • Men's soccer lost 2-0 to UConn yesterday.  It's nice that the team is number 10 in the country right now, but you have to beat UConn when you have the chance.  Also, why did we schedule UConn in soccer?  I thought we weren't on speaking terms...
  • Also of note: The men's soccer team drew nearly 700 fans to this week's game. By the end of the year will they be drawing more than the football team?
  • At least women's field hockey has our back, taking out number 4 ranked UConn to improve their standing to number 6 in the country. 
  • You can now buy season tickets to the men's basketball games for $190.  That seems like a great buy right now.  While we probably won't win a lot of games, at least we have a really promising team with a great coach.  I would definitely turn out to see what our new recruits have to show. 
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  1. If the question isn't rhetorical, I'd assume the men's soccer coach is responsible for all scheduling of soccer games, and the AD has no influence.


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