Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fire Spaz

This picture pretty much says it all.  Drowned football program?  Call in an expert...

Remember when we thought that this would be the easy part of our schedule?  BC had yet another poor outing today, losing to Wake Forrest 27-19, in a game that really didn't seem as close as the score would indicate.  This is a Wake Forrest team who has already dropped a game to Syracuse, even if it did manage to win against O'Brien's hapless Wolfpack.  I will talk about what I saw from the game tomorrow, but right now I want to address something much more important; pride.

Where is the pride in our football program right now?  Losing to Northwestern, losing to UCF, losing to Duke, losing to Wake Forrest. And if you look at the Athletic Department, you'd think that everything was okay and that this was 2007.  Remember 2007?  Remember what it was like to have some darned pride in our program, in the football players as they took the field each week, and in Boston College?  The sense that we could win on any given Saturday?  Where has that gone?

I wish the athletic department would at least come clean about what its expectations are for the football program.  Are we honestly at the point where 6-8 wins constitutes a good year?  Because I was not under that impression when I fell in love with BC football.  I thought that winning an Orange Bowl was the goal here, and that if we fell short of that goal, we either needed to be making progress in achieving that goal in the near future or we needed to make some changes at the top.  Now all I hear from Spaz and from the captains of this team is that we can't expect to win every game.  Well I know a certain quarterback on the Falcons who might disagree with that.  The only people who make excuses are those who don't perform. 

If you don't think that the lack of production and the lack of gravitas on the part of the coaching staff isn't effecting the fan base, think again.  Does this look like a picture of an enthused fan base to you?

Well, I mean certainly that was taken just a few minutes into the first quarter, on the opening drive in fact.  Things picked up later, right?  Right?  Well, then I give you what the attendance looked like in the 4th quarter while BC was driving the ball down 8.

I'm sick of this, and frankly, I've had enough.  Don't wait until the end of the season to make a change.  Make it now.  Tomorrow morning.  If Gene doesn't have the stomach to pull the trigger on this head coach, find someone who will, because he's killing our program and it has to stop before it gets any worse.

And another point.  Terry Francona, who is an amazing manager, just recently stepped resigned from the Red Sox.  The man did what no one in nearly a century was able to do, namely bring a World Series title to Boston.  He had every right to stay in that job as long as he pleased and no one, not even Epstein, could have told him otherwise.  Yet, he didn't get the job done this year, the team underperformed, and Francona did the manly thing; he resigned.  No sticky situation for the team.  No awkward waiting period.  The man just got up and said "Hey, I'm not the best person for this job right now."  Selfless and classy.  Learn from that.

Spaz has had three years to prepare our boys for football games.  They are regressing to the point where frankly they don't have a chance to win against quality opponents.  These student athletes work hard, and by sticking with Spaz, the athletic department is wasting the time of these student athletes, as well as the students who turn out to the games.

Eagle in Atlanta was right when he called for Spaz's firing earlier today.  It's high time the athletic department had the guts to tell Spaz that this isn't working. 

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  1. The season we're looking at doesn't even deserve the dignified title of being a "rebuilding year," which was the hope I had going into September. Right now we're coming to terms with the increasingly more probable chance of having a 1-win season. Are we now supposed to get a win against one of Clemson, Va Tech, Notre Dame, Miami, or FSU? Give me a break. An Orange Bowl? Yes I want an Orange Bowl win for BC. But first, I at least want to look other schools in the eye and be able to show them that my school has a respectable football program. Right now I can't do it, and your post captures my frustration perfectly. On one hand, I hate the "fair weather" fanbase among the student body, but on the other hand I can't blame people for leaving early when a squirrel runs into the end zone more than our offense does. This next week is going to be very interesting for GDF and BC athletics...


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