Monday, October 3, 2011

Game Recap

After my angry rant about Spaz, this will be a much more rational game recap.  There were some positives during Saturday's game, but then again we were playing a pretty weak Wake Forrest team and we lost by 8.  My mother probably put it best when she said that "it doesn't look like either team is playing to a college level." 

  • The O-line looked good in spurts today.  Montel had several holes that you could drive a truck through, and Chase did have some decent time to throw on most downs.  The Wake D-Line is very weak, and most of the time when Wake did get a lot of pressure, it was because of a missed assignment.  I think the missed assignments bug me the most here.  I can live with getting beat on a one-on-one match-up, but not on missed assignments.  Hopefully the guys can continue to improve on their way to Clemson.
  • Chase looked good, but not great.  I don't have any statistics to back this up, but he seems to get tired at the end of halves.  The ball just doesn't look as tight at the end of the second quarter as it does at the beginning of the first.  I wonder if the number of passes he's throwing is going to be an issue moving forward.  47 attempts is a lot for a game.  By comparison, the Wake QB had just 29.
  • Montel started slow, but broke a few long runs for a total of 116 yards.  Even without his knee being 100%, Montel is a very agile back.  I don't know that he's that much quicker than Williams, but he can change directions on a dime, which is a ton of fun to watch.  Williams did get shaken up, and we'll have to keep an eye on his injury. 
  • The receivers played pretty well.  They dropped a few of Chase's typically high throws, especially in traffic.  I get the impression that Chase really looks for Amidon and Swiggert on almost every throwing down.  He loves throwing to those two guys and focuses on them.  He will look for Larmond on occasion when he has favorable coverage, but it doesn't seem as though Larmond is his first read on most plays, even if Colin had a solid line at 5 catches for 80 yards.  I also liked the end-around we're running with Amidon.  I hope to see that in the playbook again next week. 
  • Why is Coleman even on the depth chart?  Not only did he not register a catch, but I didn't even see Chase throw a ball his way.  If Chase isn't comfortable throwing to Coleman, start Amidon or Swigert. 
  • Freese nailed, and I mean nailed, a 52 yard field goal just as I was saying to my dad "he's got no chance at this."  Absolutely incredible.  I think Freese's field goals alone make this one of the best special teams units we've seen in a while. 
  • Very little action from the TEs, again.  I just don't get it and I don't know what to say at this point.  We have two very good TEs and a young QB.  How does that not scream throwing short routes to the TEs all day?
  • I know I sound pretty high up on an offense that scored just 19 points and racked up just 339 total yards, but I really didn't think that the offense played that badly. Maybe I'm just used to the Shinskie GT combo though...
  • The D-Line was fairly stout against the run, allowing 3.2 yards per attempt on the ground.  Pressure on the QB?  Nonexistent.  Zero sacks for the unit as a whole on Saturday.  Not good.
  • Edebali was the lone bright spot on this line.  He had a few tipped passes, and generally looked like he played with a good motor on Saturday.  We're going to need him to start getting some sacks, but I think he has a bright future at BC. 
  • Want to know a telling stat?  Edebali had two pass breakups yesterday.  The entire secondary?  Zero.  How can your secondary have zero pass breakups for the entire game?  What kind of defense is that?  At what point are you so far from the man you're covering that you can't make one play on a thrown ball the entire day?  Basically what that says is that if the QB can physically throw it to the receiver and if the receiver can physically make the catch (because, after all, no one is around), that's going to be a completion all day.  Pathetic.
  • BC gave up nearly 10 yards per attempt, not per completion, on Saturday.  Giving up 10 yards per attempt to Wake Forrest is completely unforgivable.  
  • I know I just ranted on the CBs, but it's difficult to tell exactly how badly the CBs played given the lack of pressure on the QB.  The backfield can't be expected to cover WRs all day while the QB stands stationary in the pocket.  I need to start bringing a stop watch with me to these games so that I can clock how much time the opposing team has to throw the ball on each down.  Still, I stand by the fact that zero pass breakups by the secondary for the entire day is a tad ridiculous.
  • The LBs played well.  LK has been getting less tackles recently, but I think that's more of a function of the vast improvement we're seeing from KPL and Steele Divitto.  Both of the younger LBs have come on strong as the season has progressed, and therefore less tackles are left open for Superman. 
  • We seemed to blitz more last week against UMass than we did this week against Wake.  If the line can't get any pressure I don't see what other choice we're going to have against Clemson and Tech other than to blitz. 
My guess is that Clemson opens as at least a ten point favorite next week...Don't forget about the Wednesday mailbag

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