Friday, October 21, 2011

Ice Jam Keeps Getting Better

Fresh off the news that Steve Levy will be hosting Ice Jam, the Athletic Department is announcing that there will be a student costume competition at Ice Jam, with $1,000 in cash going to the winner.  I noticed last night as I was walking around campus that there were already a ton of fliers up promoting the costume contest.  I also ran into a group of about 20 undergrads that I know and I took an informal poll about how they felt about the contest.  Suffice to say that they were STOKED and already discussing ideas for costumes. 

I know the blogging community has been down on the Athletic Department recently, but let's give some credit where it's due.  This is shaping up to be a fantastic event with a ton of student support.  If you told me just two years ago that BC would have a successful "Midnight Madness" type of event, I would have laughed.  This is only possible because of the hard work and creativity of the Athletic Department, and because of the excitement that Steve Donahue brings to the basketball program.  This would not have been possible under Al Skinner.

I can't wait for the 27th...


  1. Mike,

    Don't forget the excitement that Jerry York brings every year to the hockey program.

  2. Sorry, I definitely don't mean to slight Jerry York. Without having excitement in both programs, there's no way this event succeeds. I'm just admiring the work Donahue has done on that front. He's definitely someone who understand that the excitement which surrounds the program has a direct impact on ticket sales, recruiting, and intense home games.


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