Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ice Jam Recap

BC Athletics was nice enough to allow Around the Res amazing access to Ice Jam this year, and so we have the opportunity to recap the event with some great pictures from our new resident photographer, Andrew Rota.  Enjoy!

Right when we walked into Conte, we were met by this amazing group of undergrads, Donahue's Disciples.  I had never seen these guys in action before, but after chatting with them for about five minutes, it seemed like they were having a lot of fun promoting the basketball program.  Anytime a student group has this much fun, I know that they'll stick together and succeed.  It actually makes me a little jealous that I'm still not an undergrad and therefore can't apply to join their ranks (but then again, I don't have to live on upper).  Hopefully these guys can help BC basketball attendance return to its 2006 form.

I was shocked not only at how young the men's basketball team looked, but also by the fact that there isn't a shred of fat on any of these guys.  I think the days of the men's basketball team gaining excess weight throughout the year are over.  These guys look like they're in great shape.  Our guest performer, Snap Boogie, is a far cry from Vanilla Ice, and BC is going to have to do better with their guest appearances in future years if they want to keep up the excitement surrounding this event.  I will say that he has some serious moves though...

So then it's time for the men's hockey team to come out, and out comes these tiny 4' 4" kids, whipping around the ice like Nate Gerbe.  Honestly, there's no doubt in my mind that those kids could literally skate circles around me in intramural hockey.  I like what Jerry York's doing here though; getting talented young kids on campus, introducing them to players, letting them wear BC jerseys.  I'm just gonna say that the man is an innovator...

Seriously, look at these kids watching the men's basketball team and tell me that they aren't hooked for life on BC sports right now.  

Ice Jam had its fair share of fun events as well, like watching Jesuits try to deflect ping pong balls into plastic cups.  I have to say that I expected a better performance from Father here, but we'll take what we can get.  I did think that this was a good way to acknowledge the hard work that the sports chaplains do behind the scenes and hopefully encourages players to utilize them even more.  

Matt Humphrey and Danny Rubin battled it out for the 3-point championship, and Rubin ended up winning.  Humphrey started out strong but couldn't keep it going down the stretch.  I'm amazed at how far up Humphrey gets when he releases though.  Overall, I obviously can't take much away from watching two guys shoot unguarded threes, but my guess is that we're going to see a lot more of Rubin this year if they think he's one of the best two shooters on the team.  Again, small sample size, but his shot looked less flat from my angle. 

After basketball was finished, there was a costume contest for a cool grand.  I honestly thought that more students would dress up, but I was pretty happy that the eventual winner was rocking a classy costume and a fat suit.  Steve Levy handled the contest pretty well, but I think this might not make it into Ice Jam III. 

The highlight of the night, for me at least, was watching an undergrad try to put a hockey puck through this tiny hole for 50K.  I wish BC gave its students more chances to win their tuition money back, and everyone in the stadium was rooting pretty hard for this kid, who had never handled a stick in his life, as he tried to put a puck through a hole that was roughly three inches bigger than the puck.

And the shot resulted in a stadium full of groans...So darn close...

Did you know that everything below the ice is hand-painted?  I had literally no idea, but I totally want to show up next year and see how they get everything to be so precise.  This really makes me have a whole new appreciation for how good our rink looks all the time.  Apparently the staff only has to paint the ice once per year, barring an unexpected meltdown.

My real highlight of the night, though, was meeting the man, the myth, and the legend, the zamboni man himself.  He was actually really nice considering the fact that I ran across the ice just to shake his hand and to compliment him on his beard.

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  1. They use large stencils to do the ice...and they add things at the end of the season (sweat numbers of the seniors before senior night, etc)


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