Monday, October 31, 2011

Movember Fight Against Cancer

I want to take a break from sports for a minute to talk about a cause which I will be supporting through the month of November.  "Movember" is an effort to raise money for prostate cancer navigation and research by collecting pledges for each day a man grows his mustache in the month of November.  Cancer research is an important cause for many people because few, if any of us, have not felt the effects of the disease when it hits someone close to us.  Cancer has effected my life over the past few years as two members of my family have been stricken with it.  First, my cousin contracted stomach cancer as a teen, and is now fully recovered.  Second, my grandfather has contracted multiple types of cancer over the past several years, and is currently still battling. 

For as long as anyone can remember, my grandfather has had one of the best mustaches in the world, which is why Movember immediately called to me when I saw it online.  For me, the object of Movember is to show support for my grandfather by emulating him while raising money for a good cause.  My goal for this month is to raise $1,000 for cancer research and to get a good laugh out of my grandpa when I show up for Thanksgiving.

Without a doubt, that is the best mustache I have ever seen, and decades later he's still rocking an awesome 'stache with his patented hat.  Some days you just realize that there's no way to be as manly as your grandpa...After looking at these pictures, my generation is definitely soft.

If you would like to join Movember, you can create your own team here.  If you would like to join Team Reer or support Team Reer, please click here to donate or to sign up.  Our team page is still a work in process, but check back frequently for daily picture updates.  If we get enough team members, we will hold a team event night either on campus or in the Chestnut Hill area.  Because I believe in the traditions of Boston College, I have asked and received specific assurances from Movember that no donations will be used to support research which conflicts with the strong ethical standards of the Catholic Church.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this important cause, and let's have some fun beating cancer!

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